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This section of the website is for Practices/Employers to manage their organisation's details and apply for A+ membership and is restricted to Practices/Employers only.

In this section, you can: edit practice details; link an existing member; register a new member; review A+ payment invoices; update A+ payment details; download A+ practice logos.

Practice/Employer Login
Use your Australian Institute of Architects assigned Practice/Employer ID and Password.

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All Practices/Employers have and ID which begins with an "E" (e.g.: E1234).
If you do not know your Practice/Employer ID or password, please contact your local Chapter or contact


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You may use the Password Reminder system if you have forgotten your password.

Practices/Employers must contact for assistance if they do not know their E id or need a password set.

For further assistance contact:


Telephone: (03) 8620 3877
International: +61 3 8620 3877