Affiliate level 2

Affiliate Member Level 2 is available to you if you have a qualification or established expertise in a discipline associated with the built environment but do not have a recognised qualification in architecture.

The Affiliate Member Level 2 qualification or expertise must relate to the built environment and includes the following disciplines: landscape architecture, engineering fields, planning, urban geography, building design, interior architecture and design, heritage studies, urban design, environmental design, environmental engineering and exhibition/graphic design.

Eligibility for this category of membership requires;
a) a bachelor or postgraduate degree from a tertiary education institution
b) an established expertise in Australia within the architecture profession and nominations from five corporate* members

Affiliate Member Level 2 is not a corporate* class of membership under the Constitution. Affiliate Member Level 2 members may not vote, be elected to office or use the post nominals.

Affiliate Member Level 2 Benefits

Affiliate Member Level 2 application form

Membership rates

*Corporate membership refers to individuals in the following categories: Member (Level 1) which includes fellows and life fellows, Affiliate Member (Level 1) and Academic members from either of these categories. Only the corporate classes of membership are eligible use the post-nominals (RAIA) and vote at AGMs.

Generally, only corporate members may vote for and hold office, except that Graduate members:

  • may be elected as, nominate, and vote for, Chapter Councillors and Nationally-Elected Councillors on National Council

  • may nominate, and vote for, Chapter-Elected Councillors on National Council (Chapter Presidents)

Chapter Presidents must be registered architects