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Enrico Taglietti - Gold Medal 2007
Enrico Taglietti - Gold Medal 2007

Enrico Taglietti - 2007 Gold Medal Winner

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The Royal Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal is the highest honour the RAIA can bestow. The award was created 46 years ago to recognise distinguished service by Australian architects who have:

-designed or executed buildings of high merit;
-produced work of great distinction resulting in the advancement of architecture, or
-endowed the profession of architecture in a distinguished manner.

Gold Medallists
Gold Medal recipients since 1960 are:

1960 Emeritus Professor Leslie Wilkinson
1961 Louis Laybourne-Smith
1962 Joseph Charles Fowell
1963 Sir Arthur Stephenson
1964 Cobden Parkes
1965 Sir Osborn McCutcheon
1966 William Rae Laurie
1967 William Purves Race Godfrey
1968 Sir Roy Grounds
1969 Robin Boyd
1970 Jack Hobbs McConnell
1971 Frederick Bruce Lucas
1972 Edward Herbert Farmer
1973 Jorn Utzon
1974 Raymond Berg
1975 Sydney Edward Ancher
1976 Harry Seidler
1977 Ronald Andrew Gilling
1978 Mervyn Henry Parry
1979 Harold Bryce Mortlock
1980 John Hamilton Andrews
1981 Colin Frederick Madigan
1982 Sir John Wallace Overall
1983 Gilbert Ridgway Nicol and Ross Kingsley Chisholm

1984 Philip Sutton Cox
1985 Professor Richard Norman Johnson
1986 Richard Butterworth
1987 Daryl Sanders Jackson
1988 Romaldo Giurgola
1989 Robin Findlay Gibson
1990 Professor Peter McIntyre
1991 Donald Campbell Rupert Bailey
1992 Glenn Marcus Murcutt
1993 Kenneth Frank Woolley
1994 Neville Quarry
1995 no award
1996 John Denton, William Corker, Barrington Marshall
1997 Roy McCowan Simpson
1998 Gabriel Poole
1999 Richard Leplastrier
2000 John Neville Morphett
2001 Keith Eric Cottier
2002 Brit Andresen
2003 Peter Corrigan
2004 Gregory Burgess
2005 James Birrell
2006 Kerry Hill
2007 Enrico Taglietti

AS Hook Addresses 1970 - present
Alfred Samuel Hook's selfless dedication and untiring efforts led to the birth of the RAIA in 1929 and the nurturing of it during its first difficult 16 years of life. In 1970 the AS Hook Memorial Address was born and is traditionally delivered each year by the RAIA Gold Medallist.