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The COLORBOND Award for Steel Architecture

Djakanimba Pavilions
by Insideout Architects



Djakanimba Pavilions - adaptable, modular, cool, light, local, theatrical and fun. It is refreshing to see a development, such as the Ghunmarn Cultural Precinct, where cultural tourism is helping to drive regeneration and growth. As part of the Ghunmarn Cultural Precinct, these prefabricated pavilions bring new possibilities to Wugularr (Beswick). Prefab construction used here as a kit-of-parts for the Djakanimba Pavilions is a typological alternative that resolves the most complicated situations and programs, those like fold up (and fold-down) refuges for inveterate travellers, itinerant exhibits, training places… When you visit Djakanimba

Pavilions you'll be supporting a local indigenous enterprise that facilitates remote art, performance, culture, training and employment. Here they are Djakanimba Pavilions, cheeky, vibrant, harmonious and inclusive as the senior man they're named after, Victor Hood. Walking with Spirits Festival is the key showcase event for the Ghunmarn Culture Precinct. Held annually on Jawoyn country, the event maximises local indigenous participation, facilitates opportunities for artistic development and exchange on a local, national and international basis. Djakanimba Pavilions is a fundamental part of this celebration. See

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.Project Team
Design architect: Tania Dennis
: Tamaki Broome
: Kate Scattini
Cost Consultant: Ian Stark, Stark Consulting & Associates
Hydraulic consultant: Lindsay Monteith, GHD
Developer: Fleur Parry and Tom E. Lewis, Djilpin Arts
Communications consultant: Mark Thomson, The Institute of Backyard Studies
Lighting consultant: Bob Dennis
Structural consultant: Andrew Maltby, Glynn Tucker Consulting Engineers
: Frankie Lane
: Scott Hall
: Augustina Kennedy
Project manager: Mick Betteridge, Probuild NT
Construction Manager: Simon Brooks, Fredbuild
Builder: Greeney, Fredbuild
: Justin Dowson, CKS Electrical Mechanical
: Brian O'Duffy, Barklay Plumbing
: Josh & Tony Edwards, Accolade Steel Detailing
Photographer: 2013002758
Photographer: Djakanimba Pavilions
Photographer: NT
Photographer: No

Photographs by 2013002758, Djakanimba Pavilions, NT & No, text by Insideout Architects

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