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   -   The Hayes & Scott Award for Small Project Architecture (QLD)

National School Pride - Cannon Hill State School
by Donovan Hill



The Cannon Hill State School is in what was once an outer eastern suburb of Brisbane. It is now more ‘inner' diverse and complex in its catchment. A community ‘re-design' of the total school experience had commenced in 2005 encompassing its culture curriculum and methods. The 2010 opportunity to adapt some previously patched up but conventional teaching space was handled as the built component of the previously researched practices. Many reflections on precedent were available through the Principal's familiarity with the Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy a world leading community in Early Childhood Education. The client's expertise was vital

to achieving the spatial subtleties required for their teaching/learning model. Sight lines group sizes resource configurations display opportunities routes gathering spaces and complementary furniture were finalised after role playing and efficient review. Careful editing of the existing set of rooms enabled a lofty well lit shell to emerge for the new and specifically tailored project sites within. Storage and lockers are threaded around in and under these interior ‘sites’ to give flexibility without clutter. The direct engagement of the Architect to work with an extremely modest budget contrasts with the BER stories often featured.

Donovan Hill
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Donovan Hill
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.Project Team
Design architect: Timothy Hill
Design architect: Brian Donovan
Project architect: James Pierre du Plessis
Project architect: Jonathan Goh
Project architect: Mark Spence
: Sally Tyrrell
Building surveyor: Rider Levett Bucknall
Structural consultant: AD Structure
Builder: Crocker Builders
Photographer: Donovan Hill
Photographer: Donovan Hill
Photographer: Donovan Hill
Photographer: Donovan Hill

Photographs by Donovan Hill, Donovan Hill, Donovan Hill & Donovan Hill, text by Donovan Hill

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