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   -   The G.H.M. Addison Award for Interior Architecture (QLD)

Nudgee College Tierney Auditorium
by m3architecture



The existing building is highly idiosyncratic, an example of late sixties/early seventies rationalism/brutalism. These kinds of buildings have a sobriety and an intended "honesty". "Theatre" was understood to be an important term early in the design process, with relevance both as the intended use, and as an architectural strategy to provide relief to the existing building. An idea emerged that the interior could be understood as a theatrical interpretation of the exterior. This was opportunistic as well as necessary; opportunistic as the existing building has elements of the bizarre (and therefore desirable!), and necessary on a

very limited budget. The project is a marriage between the exterior and the interior, local and foreign references, contemporary and ancient references. The hope is that, those who visit the building may be removed momentarily from the normalcy of the outside world, into the world of theatre…………….take ones seat, enjoy the mysterious effects of the theatre interior, then the house lights fade, the lights glow in Nudgee Blue illuminating starbursts on a black night sky, and then they too fade, and the stars are left glowing with phosphorescence seen in peripheral vision, as the blue velvet curtain parts and the show begins…………………

Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Michael Banney
Design architect: Ashley Paine
Design architect: Emma Termont-Schenk
Graduate Designer: Karine Sehn
Interior Designer: Melissa Topp
Structural consultant: Design Engineers Queensland
Landscape consultant: Jeremey Ferrier Landscape Architects
Mechanical consultant: Hawkins Jenkins Ross
Electrical consultant: Hawkins Jenkins Ross
Hydraulic consultant: H Design
Acoustic consultant: Ron Rumble - Renzo Tonin
: Intero
: Urbis
Building surveyor: Bartley Burns
: TJ Kelly Surveys
Builder: Rohrig Constructions
Photographer: Jon Linkins
Photographer: Jon Linkins
Photographer: Jon Linkins
Photographer: Jon Linkins

Photographs by Jon Linkins, Jon Linkins, Jon Linkins & Jon Linkins, text by m3architecture

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