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   -   The Australian Institute of Architects Award for Residential Architecture - Houses (QLD)

DHAN plus
by Donovan Hill



The holiday residence is located on the most easterly occupied ridge of Point Lookout, and is organised as a group of small buildings that filter the environment and emphasise the setting. From the deck built into the profile of the roof, one truly understands the locale being on the point of Point Lookout, immersed in all its beauty and fury. The composition of buildings includes 2 pre-built DHAN Happy Haus's, transported to site as finished buildings, and positioned to produce a central space protected from the often turbulent south-easter. Above this, a site built

'occupied roof' has been added that provides a covered route between the Happy Haus's, additional places for sleeping, a surf lookout, and most critically, a tall covered outdoor 'room' that is the principal place for communal activities, including cooking. The finish and character of the pre-built buildings and that of the insitu works varies, producing an overall composition that extends the tradition of island building small buildings finished in an unselfconscious, utilitarian way that supports the undeniable: the site itself is the phenomenon to emphasise.

Donovan Hill
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Donovan Hill
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.Project Team
Design architect: Brian Donovan
Design architect: Timothy Hill
Project architect: Mark Spence
Architect: Martin Arroyo
Architecture Student: Akari Yokokawa
Structural consultant: ADG Engineers Aust Pty Ltd
Structural consultant: Blakeney Munns Consulting Engineers
: Building Certification Consultants Pty Ltd
Landscape consultant: Donovan Hill
Builder: Hutchinson Builders - Happy Haus
Builder: Stradworthy Pty Ltd
Photographer: Shantanu Starick
Photographer: Shantanu Starick
Photographer: Shantanu Starick
Photographer: Shantanu Starick

Photographs by Shantanu Starick, Shantanu Starick, Shantanu Starick & Shantanu Starick, text by Donovan Hill

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