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   -   The Karl Langer Award for Urban Design (QLD)

Yeerongpilly Footbridge
by m3architecture



m3architecture was introduced to this project via the Board for Urban Places and the Queensland State Government Architect to bring architectural thinking to bear on this new piece of infrastructure. Two contexts were influential in the design. First the context of tennis, and second the immediate physical context of existing pedestrian bridges to which the new work adjoins. These bridges are typical of engineered infrastructure, with warren trusses making the spans and determining the pre-existing aesthetics of the area. Through contemplation of these two contexts a design emerged paying equal

homage to both. It was noted that the sole of the Dunlop Volley is similar to an array of warren trusses. This serendipity was the basis for all that followed. The shoe ceased to be the tennis shoe of choice some time ago. Across the decades other shoes have taken over the high-end tennis market, but the Dunlop Volley continues to be the shoe of choice for amateur fishermen, roofing contractors and 'indie' kids and representing over half a century of Australian history. To make the unlikely heroes the champions of the scheme is in itself a very Australian sporting thing to do.

Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Michael Banney
Design architect: Michael Christensen
Senior Designer: Michael Lavery
Design architect: Ben Vielle
Graduate Designer: Amy L'Estrange
Graduate Designer: Angela Winkle
Design architect: Emma Termont-Schenk
Structural consultant: Sinclair Knight Merz
Electrical consultant: Sinclair Knight Merz
Hydraulic consultant: Sinclair Knight Merz
Mechanical consultant: Sinclair Knight Merz
Certifier & Access Consultant: Davis Langdon
Landscape consultant: Guymer Bailey Landscape Architect
Builder: Laing O'Rourke
Photographer: Jon Linkins
Photographer: Jon Linkins
Photographer: Jon Linkins
Photographer: Jon Linkins

Photographs by Jon Linkins, Jon Linkins, Jon Linkins & Jon Linkins, text by m3architecture

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