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WAYYS Youth Housing
by GHD



Crisis accommodation for youth at risků Through the Federally sponsored nation Building Program as administered by the Department of Human Services, GHD were engaged to design a revolutionary two storey residential and congregate living facility for youth at risk between the ages of 15 and 24, in suburban Melbourne. Accommodating a maximum of 10 individuals plus staff, the Youth Housing Facility is located in an innocuous suburban setting. The location is remarkably banal, yet significantly the building is engrained in the suburban

fabric, a key functional objective of trying to maintain embedment and integration the Client group into its society avoiding isolate or further ostracising of individuals. The majority of clients and residents are individuals at risk and have been subject to abuse. The facility therefore is required to provide protection, security and safety in a subtle and covert manner, while offering a residential and homely environment. The design solution does this through a clear structured hierarchy of security zoning and public access.

Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: David Muir
Project architect: Qais Sojitrawala
Project architect: James Manatikas
Project architect: Elizabeth Lee
Project Director: Edward Lynch
Structural consultant: Robert Bird
Services consultant: JBA
Landscape consultant: CDA Group
Building surveyor: Checkpoint
Cost Consultant: Rider Levett Bailey
Civil consultant: Robert Bird
Builder: Pirovich Pty Ltd
Photographer: Peter Hyatt
Photographer: Peter Hyatt

Photographs by Peter Hyatt & Peter Hyatt, text by GHD

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