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   -   The Australian Institute of Architects Award for Small Project Architecture (VIC)

River Studios
by Breathe Architecture



Melbourne's art and design culture has a rich history of enlivening run down urban quarters. Instilling a vibrancy that in turn generates an enduring cycle of commercial demand and displacement, the artists are forced to migrate beyond the urban fringe. Adopting an abandoned warehouse on the banks of the Maribyrnong, River Studios begins a process of strategic re-habitation, shaping the interior of the untouched concrete shell into imperfect spaces of raw artistic propensity. Over 3 levels and 2000sqm, 70 multi-use studios of differing scale and enclosure are strung between informal gathering areas, kitchenette, services spaces and bicycle parking. The material treatment of studio partitions involves the

assembly and collage of a variety of alternative, recycled and rudimentary materials. Through the process of collaboration and exchange with artists and students, novel and inventive solutions were generated and resolved, incidentally demonstrating and reflecting core intensions of the brief. While budgetary constraints restricted the scope of overall design intervention, it built in a level of ultimate affordability ($100/sqm) that more expensive solutions could not entertain. Spatially provoking both knowledge and creative exchange between tenants with varied backgrounds and levels of recognition, River Studios fosters an interior community that is resilient, inclusive and evolutionary.

Breathe Architecture
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Breathe Architecture
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.Project Team
Design architect: Jeremy McLeod
Project architect: Tobias Münch
Architectural assistant: Kai Cheong
Building surveyor: Melbourne Certification Group
Builder: Bruce Filley
: John Corbett
: National Fencing
Photographer: Ben Hosking
Photographer: Ben Hosking
Photographer: Tobias Münch
Photographer: Ben Hosking

Photographs by Ben Hosking, Ben Hosking, Tobias Münch & Ben Hosking, text by Breathe Architecture

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