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   -   Commendation in The Australian Institute of Architects Commendation for Public Architecture (ACT)
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Multi-Purpose Building Florey Primary School
by HBO+EMTB Architects ACT



Multi-Purpose Building Florey Primary School, ACT In the BER program, HBO+EMTB designed a New Multi-Purpose Building for Florey Primary School. The building is required to accommodate two classrooms for primary school level science education, and a multi-use area with a kitchen for after school care and community use. The building is centrally located adjacent to the entry of the school. Form and functional connections sensitively flow from the original schools form, circulation and outdoor courtyards to the public pathways external to the site. The Multi-Purpose Building has a street side presence, conveniently connecting to public infrastructure bus stops, pick-up lay-bys and paths,

strongly facilitating community association that the school maintains. The building reconciles and integrates the discordant positions and materials of the adjacent buildings which face the street, with a subtle correspondence of orientation of forms and string courses, while not in the same but similar materials. In summer, night purge passive cross ventilation is induced by airflow across the labyrinth slab beneath the back of house spaces. Through operator, or sensor activated night purge, low level dampers to the south introduce cool air across the space to high relief louvers to the north. In winter, fan coil units deliver heating from a small instantaneous hot water boiler system.

HBO+EMTB Architects ACT
Contact address:
Project Team
Design architect: Mr Allan Greene
Project architect: Mr Allan Greene
Team Member: James Maguire
Team Member: Ella Masters
10805 Team Member: Robert Thorne
Team Member: Femke Rensen
Team Member: James Owen
Mechanical consultant: Rudds Consulting Engineers
Structural consultant: Northrop Consulting Engineers
Access Consultant: EMA Pty Ltd
Hydraulic consultant: THCS Pty Ltd
Cost Consultant: AltusPageKirkland
Civil consultant: Northrop Consulting Engineers
Builder: Manteena
Project manager: Manteena
Photographer: Ben Wrigley
Photographer: Ben Wrigley
Photographer: Ben Wrigley
Photographer: Ben Wrigley

Photographs by Ben Wrigley, Ben Wrigley, Ben Wrigley & Ben Wrigley, text by HBO+EMTB Architects ACT

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