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Macgregor Primary School
by Small Quinton Coleman Architects



The underlying conceptual framework behind the refurbishment of Macgregor Primary School's library was to create a stimulating flexible learning space that represented a new era in libraries, not just in schools but in the public arena as well. The schools underlying principles and philosophies are defined by the schools motto 'Linked by Learning…Experience, Expression, Excellence'. The new library was designed to encourage these behaviours, allowing the students to interact with the space and each other and in turn allow them to achieve maximum experience, freedom of expression, and a sense of excellence. The intention for the new design was to

allow individuals of all ages to utilise the space, it caters for not only primary aged students, but also for the broader community. The design optimises flexibility and works towards a future where laptops are universal and stationary computers are a thing of the past. The library incorporates flexible laptop stations and an illuminating world globe that encourages students to interact with each other through the use of technology. The newly developed outdoor learning area broadens the traditional perception of a classroom, and the use of internal furniture and joinery on castors means unlimited possibilities for generations of future students.

Small Quinton Coleman Architects
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Small Quinton Coleman Architects
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.Project Team
Project architect: Murray Coleman
Architectual Technician: Ashley Martins
Interior designer: Aimee Caldwell
Structural consultant: Bryan Cossart
Building Services Engineer: Patrick Hewitt
Project manager: Mario Binutti
Photographer: Dare 2 Design Interiors
Photographer: Dare 2 Design Interiors

Photographs by Dare 2 Design Interiors & Dare 2 Design Interiors, text by Small Quinton Coleman Architects

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