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   -   Commendation in The Australian Institute of Architects Commendation for Interior Architecture (ACT)

St Thomas The Apostle Primary School Kambah
by Paul Barnett Design Group



" No Child Inside" is an emerging educational position that seeks to integrate a child's learning and development with the natural environment. The spatial response was to remove internal and perimeter barriers between internal and external spaces and create a freedom of movement throughout the various habitats that have been created. Natural light and ventilation has been enhanced. Coloured glass has been included in perimeter windows for delight. Night purge ventilation has been incorporated for summer moderation of internal temparatures.

Recycled timbers and natural oil wax finishes have been utilised for warmth. Adjacent landscape has been developed with rainwater swayles and rock seats defining social spaces amongst the garden and accessible from each classroom. The entry area provides shelter and creates a setting for meeting of parents, children and visitors. The entry reception portrays the school's philosophy " Truth Life Way" expressed in a glass sandblasted cross, glass coloured buttons and a range of recycled australian timbers that welcomes everyone each day.

Paul Barnett Design Group
Contact address:
Paul Barnett Design Group
Project Team
Project architect: Paul Barnett
Design architect: Paul Barnett
Design architect: Karin Gustavvson
: Liz Kelly Glass Artist
: Select Custopm Joinery Entrance Art Work
Electrical consultant: Northrop Engineers
Building surveyor: David Robinson
Hydraulic consultant: THCS
Landscape consultant: Edwina Richardson
Mechanical consultant: Northrop Engineers
Structural consultant: Northrop Engineers
Builder: R and F Management
Photographer: Robyn Campbell
Photographer: Robyn Campbell
Photographer: Robyn Campbell
Photographer: Robyn Campbell

Photographs by Robyn Campbell, Robyn Campbell, Robyn Campbell & Robyn Campbell, text by Paul Barnett Design Group

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