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   -   Commendation in The Australian Institute of Architects Commendation for Interior Architecture (SA)

University College London (UCL)
by Swanbury Penglase Architects



Enhancing SA’s initiative to attract world leading international universities, University College London (UCL) has arrived in Adelaide. UCL is currently ranked fourth in the world and its School of Energy and Resources has been established in the State Heritage Torrens Building, Victoria Square. The design team embraced the opportunity to create a refreshing and bold statement challenging UCL’s previous interior design ideals to create their first international campus with a presence of its own in South Australia. Working within the constraints of the heritage fabric, the concept explores the notion of ‘the old’ (the Torrens Building itself) and ‘the new’ (UCL’s

first International Campus). New walls and joinery are detailed to be independent and easily removed and are designed to appear more as art installations within the spaces. The fitout is unexpected, bold and sophisticated consisting of seminar and teaching rooms, student study and recreational areas, executive and administrative suites, intermingled with facilities for visiting staff and researchers. The alliance between UCL and Adelaide is visually celebrated throughout the spaces, expressed within graphics and art installations. This quality project was delivered on time and under budget resulting in a rewarding and successful outcome for both the design team and the client.

Swanbury Penglase Architects
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Swanbury Penglase Architects
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.Project Team
Project manager: David Bagshaw
Design architect: Felicity Petroff
Project architect: Michelle Giuffreda
Heritage Architect: Andrew Klenke
Acoustic consultant: AECOM
Building Certifier (DTEI): Tecon
Cost Consultant: Wilde and Woollard
Services consultant: AECOM
Building surveyor: Katnich Dodd
Mechanical consultant: AECOM
Structural consultant: Combe Pearson Reynolds
IT Consultant (UCL): Ben Olijnyk (Carnegie Mellon University
Graphics: Ground Play
Construction Manager: Mossop group
Photographer: David Russell
Photographer: David Russell
Photographer: David Russell
Photographer: David Russell

Photographs by David Russell, David Russell, David Russell & David Russell, text by Swanbury Penglase Architects

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