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   -   The Frederick Romberg Award for Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing
   -   The Job & Froud Award for Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing (QLD)

Seaspray Resort and Spa
by Donovan Hill



Zilzie is seriously north enough to be seriously hot. It exists as a toughened natural landscape that is due to be development ravaged. With this in mind the strategic decision was made to consolidate the scheme in order to retain most of the site as landscape and render the built work as a residual edge. This benefits the locale generally and provides a ’bush’ outlook for the apartments. As for the heat; an

asian style medium density model was utilised with central ventilated voids and porous edges to what are otherwise recognisably terrace style apartments. Choices of covered outdoor space serve occupants during their day and night. The low key undulating overall form of the buildings sit like a piece of topography amidst the topography, suggesting alternatives to the balconied blocks that typically dot the coastline.

Donovan Hill
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Donovan Hill
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.Project Team
Design architect: Brian Donovan
Design architect: Timothy Hill
Design architect: Paul Jones
Design architect: Michael Hogg
Project architect: James Davidson, Ron Van Sluys
Project architect: Robert Myszkowski, Jonathan Goh
Project architect: Phillip Hindmarsh, Jodie Cummins
: Peter Harding, Briohny McKauge
: Kim Baber, Sandy Cavill
: Martin Arroyo
Structural consultant: Mills Engineers
Civil consultant: Graham Marsh
Electrical consultant: Basset
Hydraulic consultant: Steve Paul and Partners
Landscape consultant: Edaw
Mechanical consultant: Coolit
Certifier: McCarthy Consulting Group
Builder: Hutchinsons Builders
Design and Project Manager: Kerry Hollyoak, Seaspray Project Management
Project manager: Seapray Project Management
Photographer: John Casey
Photographer: John Casey
Photographer: John Casey
Photographer: John Casey

Photographs by John Casey, John Casey, John Casey & John Casey, text by Donovan Hill

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