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   -   The Australian Institute of Architects Award for Residential Architecture - Houses - Alterations and Additions (VIC)

Elm & Willow House
by Architects EAT



Our intention was to create an “Inside is outside is inside” environment, where inside and outside spaces were interchangeable elements. The two mature Elm and Willow became the constraints to the project. They informed the arrangement of our new addition, and together with passive solar orientation the result is a U-shaped plan enclosing a north-facing courtyard. The structure is suspended over the ground to avoid damaging the critical root zones of the two trees. The concrete floor and roof slabs are meticulously detailed to appear and feel light, floaty and airy, a dialectic relationship between

weight and material. Internal planning strategies were devoted to the spatial hierarchy, in an interplay of inner and outer, and sequence of spaces. The link between the old and new is merged into the layering of spaces where inside and outside becomes one – the transparency of the borders separating interior and exterior allows the eye to perceive other elements that create the spatial order: fences, trees, stones, woods, clouds and borrowed landscape. It is a house for enjoyment, living in landscape with the family, and appreciation of tranquillity, intimacy and sanctuary - which was our original brief.

Architects EAT
Contact address:
Architects EAT
Project Team
Design architect: Albert Mo
16061: Eid Goh
Project architect: James Coombe
Structural consultant: R. Bliem & Associates
Building surveyor: Building Strategies
Arborist: Arbor Co
Builder: Sargant Construction
Landscaper: Heath Landscape
Photographer: Earl Carter
Photographer: Earl Carter
Photographer: James Coombe
Photographer: James Coombe

Photographs by James Coombe, Earl Carter, Earl Carter & James Coombe, text by Architects EAT

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