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   -   Commendation in The Australian Institute of Architects Commendation for Small Project Architecture (NSW)

Australia St Infants School COLA
by Scale Architecture



The Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) is the result of the Australian Federal Government’s National School Pride initiative that provided Australia Street Infants School with a grant of $75,000 on the 6th April 2009. Bernard Cheng (School Principal) proposed to the Australia Street Infants School Community Organisation (ASSCO) that a covered outdoor learning area be developed in response to the funding. The Design

consists of 3 folded planes that simultaneously negotiate the scale of the laneway, the existing brick pavilion and the playground. Sitting over existing playground works, the elegant steel structure is lined with plywood with expressed joints. It is envisaged that the COLA will provide a space to gather that will engage, delight and inspire students and the wider community of Australia Street Infants School now and in the future.

Scale Architecture
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Scale Architecture
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.Project Team
Design architect: Matt Chan
Structural consultant: Charles Blumer, Simpson Design
Builder: Mark Churcher
Builder: John Jones
Builder: Chris Field
Project manager: Bernard Cheng
Photographer: Brett Boardman
Photographer: Brett Boardman
Photographer: Brett Boardman
Photographer: Brett Boardman

Photographs by Brett Boardman, Brett Boardman, Brett Boardman & Brett Boardman, text by Scale Architecture

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