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   -   Commendation in The Australian Institute of Architects Award for Commercial Architecture (NSW)

Woollahra Hotel + Bistro Moncur
by Tzannes Associates



The Woollahra Hotel has developed over the last 15 years to provide a comprehensive mix of office, social, dining and entertainment facilities for a variety of clientele at the centre of Woollahra. The three buildings, bounded by Queen, Moncur and Smith Streets, combine to provide an articulated and responsive built environment, appropriate to its location within the Woollahra Conservation Zone and the original heritage listed Hotel building. The upper level of the Hotel has been remodelled from a series of service spaces, plant area and roofing to an al fresco bar and dining area, a rare facility in the inner Eastern Suburbs, which flows through to an internal bar and lounge serviced by a new commercial kitchen. Moncur Street has been activated through the public use of the original upper balcony and extensive floor to ceiling glazing elements within the steel grillage of the public bar facade. The ground floor main public bar has been

re-modelled to accommodate lift and stair access to the upper floor, whilst retaining the 1992 Tzannes Associates fit out, re-instating elements that had been lost over the years. The roof of Bistro Moncur was removed and replaced with a new acoustic timber ceiling, elevating its height and completing the interior of 1992. Moncur Cellars has been fitted out at the corner of Moncur and Smith Streets continuing with the interior character of timber and bronze detailing with wall murals by Michael Fitzjames. The upper levels provide flexible office space and a landscaped terrace. The triptych of buildings form a complete block within the predominantly residential neighbourhood. The materials and detailing include zinc panelling, fine steel windows and blades, articulated concrete frames and curved corner elements - all of which respond to the historic fabric of the area in a contemporary idiom reflecting the values and interests of Tzannes Associates.

Tzannes Associates
Project Team
Project architect: Georgina Smith
Design architect: Alec Tzannes
Design architect: Jonathan Evans
Design architect: Phillip Rossington
Developer: Evanrace Pty Ltd
Structural consultant: James Taylor and Associates
Electrical consultant: Shelmerdines Consulting Engineers
Mechanical consultant: Nappin Partners
Hydraulic consultant: Whipps Wood Consulting
Acoustic consultant: PKA Acoustic Consulting
Environmental consultant: Tzannes Associates
Builder: Beebo Constructions
Builder: Beebo Constructions
Project Staff: Bruce Chadlowe
Project Staff: Derek Chin
Project Staff: Nadia Zhao
Project Staff: Jose Serrao
Project Staff: Mark Gazy
Access Consultant: Morris Goding Accessibility
Photographer: Brett Boardman
Photographer: Brett Boardman
Photographer: Brett Boardman
Photographer: Jeremy Simmons
Heritage consultant: City Plan Heritage & Architectural Projects

Photographs by Brett Boardman, Brett Boardman, Brett Boardman & Jeremy Simmons, text by Tzannes Associates

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