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Modus, Cammeray
by nettletontribe



Responding to the client's brief, Modus is a vibrant contemporary statement providing apartments with a high level of amenity and finishes. Located on a prominent intersection in the Sydney suburb of Cammeray, the sloping site is dominated by a strong street presence of two frontages and a physical relationship to the Anzac Club. As a result, the planning follows two simple and minimal elongated rectangular forms, which are linked together internally through a central landscaped courtyard. The courtyard's design and form is a subtle reflection of the site's history, echoing the bowling green of past. The long and horizontal nature of each block presented an opportunity to appropriately address the dominance of the street frontage, whilst creating a strong sense of identity for both the individual dwellings and the immediate precinct. The built form's strong identity contributes positively to the urban context and reinforces the corner and scale of context. A pedestrian-link through to the North end of site is provided, maintaining a cultural connection to the Anzac Club. Two separate buildings address both street frontages, turn the corner and shield the internal like area of the street. Separate pedestrian access points are provided throughout. The dominant horizontal facade is punctuated by elements of fašade modulation, which overlays a varied rhythm of architectural language and building identity. The precise detailing of terracotta feature cladding is utilised

selectively to accentuate critical fašade elements and clearly define built edges. A selection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units and a limited amount of terrace apartments address the constraints and opportunities of the site. They include double storey with courtyards (terraced with street frontage), single aspect, double aspect with flow through layouts, and two-storey loft apartments. Although air-conditioned, all apartments achieve good natural ventilation, through the careful planning of the apartment mix and orientation of the buildings. All apartments feature spacious recessed balconies, a high quality level of amenity and finishes, expansive district views, and privacy and security. Excellent light quality has been achieved through careful planning and orientation. Given the nature of the site, additional consideration has been placed on acoustics and sound isolation from the roadway/traffic and surrounding residences. A combination of feature fixed and adjustable louvre elements are common throughout the development. A dynamic element offering privacy, light, and solar control on the western fašade. Key elements of the brief have been met and retained through the various stages of the project, including unforseen challenges and financial pressures during construction; 70% of apartments were sold off plan, with the remainder being sold soon after completion. Modus is a distinctive visual statement resulting in a strong sense of identity within the immediate urban context.

Project Team
Project architect: Voy Taskovski
Project architect: Darren Turner
Design architect: Jeremy Bishop
Project manager: Boris Aguilar
Project Manager: AV Jennings
Developer: AV Jennings
Structural consultant: Bonacci Group
Electrical consultant: Northrop Consulting Engineers
Mechanical consultant: Northrop Consulting Engineers
Hydraulic consultant: Warren Smith & Partners
Landscape consultant: McGregor and Partners
Acoustic consultant: Renzo Tonin
Builder: AV Jennings
Builder: AV Jennings
Project Director: Michael Morgan
Photographer: Brett Boardman
Photographer: Brett Boardman

Photographs by Brett Boardman & Brett Boardman, text by nettletontribe

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