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   -   The Australian Institute of Architects Award for Residential Architecture - Houses (NSW)

Outcrop House
by Peter Stutchbury Architecture



Outcrop The coastline of the northern beaches is typified by a top escarpment edge, which connects headlands and defines a kind of amphitheatre from the beach upward. This edge is usually exposed sandstone and one suspects that it was once the traditional walking edge for Indigenous people; promoting both prospect and structure to the landscape. As a child one recalls using these land edges for both access and outlook; there was an element of danger, yet a sense of freedom in such a place that overwhelms emotions of safety. Outcrop house is sited on such a place. It faces to the south and lies adjacent to a drainage vein that connects the land both physically and emotively with the beach below. Prevailing winds from the south accelerate from across the beach and up over the escarpment edge, a rugged site quality that cannot be ignored. This site although suburban is irreversibly a connected piece of this landscape. A northern courtyard was designed for winter comfort thermal mass built into the hill

for security and climate control, as the building is situated on a south-facing site. A single powerful aperture to the view is made available to the household through a series of 'stage sets' with altering frames. These sets communicate house activity, they allow for changing surroundings to be captured and framed as one progresses through the house. The primary focal point looks beyond the living space and out over Whale Beach. This site is not one of statement, outcrop house is one of restraint - an enclave that offers the users comfort, ease, place and dreaming. The building is considered to promote contemplation. The roof canopy and primary structure are conceived as one room, the whole area of roof is designed as a plane of light, allowing controlled vertical light to enter the room, producing a constantly changing environment. Outcrop is filled with unexpected light. This residence explores a shifted view of a home; where the primary room is the house space all other spaces are secondary.

Peter Stutchbury Architecture
Contact address:
Peter Stutchbury Architecture
Project Team
Project architect: Richard Smith
Project architect: Sacha Zehnder
Design architect: Peter Stutchbury
Design architect: Richard Smith
Structural consultant: Simon May
Landscape consultant: Phoebe Pape
Builder: Craig Pocklington
Builder: Glen Thornton
Builder: Glen Thornton
Photographer: Michael Nicholson
Photographer: Michael Nicholson
Photographer: Michael Nicholson
Photographer: Michael Nicholson

Photographs by Michael Nicholson, Michael Nicholson, Michael Nicholson & Michael Nicholson, text by Peter Stutchbury Architecture

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