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by Architecture AVM



"Mel-villa" is a two-storey residence built 300 metres from the Swan River, in the Melville suburb of Applecross. (1) Conceptual Framework (a) Values- "Mel-villa" expresses the conviction that home-building is a personal statement regarding life in the surrounding context from which a home has emerged. Specifically, in residential architecture we can make a case, through large-scale painterly & sculptural form-making, for what life can and may be. (b) Philosophy- This project belongs to an emerging architectural movement which may be identified as "Neo-modern Organicism"; "neo-modern" referring to new modernity (the philosophies, technologies & materials of every age), as opposed to the more totalitarian, rectilinear architecture of the 20th century; "organic" referring to the Wrightian concept in which all architectural elements emerge from an integral theme and the site on which they belong. (c) Core Ideas- The residence is here explored as a construct expressing the “man-made”, "natural", and psychological elements of its site (see No.3). (2) Public & Cultural Benefits “Mel-villa” promotes "architecture as art" in the public arena- with assertive sculptural gestures, it occupies the corner block of 2 well-trafficked intersecting roads, inviting many by-passers to engage with its meaning & form, in turn inspiring cultural contemplation & discussion. (3) Relationship of Built Form to Context (a)The context was defined from the outset as being the entire Melville City eastern peninsular, specifically having "man-made", "natural" and “psychological” elements. The brief was for a spacious two-storey house which encapsulates its environment, while maximising the views and natural light

accessible to the users. (b) The strategy employed to incorporate the 3 elements of the Melville peninsular into the programme resolution demanded by the brief include: (“Man-made” elements) - The incorporation of the Melville map into the actual ground plan. 3 of the Melville grids are used to construct rooms parallel to the property lines- the 4th grid maximises eastern views to the river, through the orientation of a 3.5m high “folded” & “fractured” periscopic sculpture which reflects many framed panoramic river views seen from a third-storey skylight down to the ground floor family room area. - Existing roads represented in the ground floor plan through open passageways facilitating access between private and public spaces. (“Natural”/ sustainability elements) - Projected eaves and sun shading filtering northern sunlight. - South-westerly summer breezes drawn up to the skylight awning windows creating a "Venturi Effect". (Psychological elements) - The psychological imprint of the land (as perceived by the architect) expressed as a surrealistic juxtaposition of contextually-inspired images- rolling thunder, curvaceous shorelines, a monumental dancing female form & the face of a giant sea creature- all abstractly represented on 2 street facades through the sculptural angled walls, parapets & sun-shading structures. (5) Allied Disciplines & (6) Cost/ Value Outcome Craftsmen, machinists, panel installers & landscapers were consulted during the design of all non-standard building elements (angled walls / parapets / limestone-work, hard landscaping, mirror sculpture, reflective skylight soffits & sun-shading structures) in order to realise design objectives, given cost restrictions.

Perth, WA
Architecture AVM
9364 5210
Project Team
Project architect: Amir Vala Meshkin
Project architect: Amir Vala Meshkin
Design architect: Amir Vala Meshkin
Design architect: Amir Vala Meshkin
Project manager: Amir Vala Meshkin
Project manager: Amir Vala Meshkin
Project manager: Amir Vala Meshkin
Project manager: Silvio Wust
Developer: Southseas Securities Pty Ltd
Developer: Southseas Securities Pty Ltd
Structural consultant: Andreotta Cardenosa Consulting Eng.s
Electrical consultant: Foundas Electrical
Landscape consultant: Darren Grassi
Lighting consultant: Mondoluce Lighting
Quantity consultant: Qu Meshgin
Builder: Buildex Construction Company
Sculpture Craftsman: Hans Donni , Swiss Wood
Specialised Machinist: A & R Engineering
Photographer: Andrew Pritchard
Photographer: AndrewPritchard
Photographer: AndrewPritchard
Building surveyor: Brook Marsh Licensed Surveyors

Photographs by Andrew Pritchard, AndrewPritchard & AndrewPritchard, text by Architecture AVM

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