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Albany Justice Complex & Great Southern District Police Complex
by Peter Hunt & Daryl Jackson Architects



Site: Bounded by Stirling Terrace and Collie Streets Albany, incorporating heritage buildings as follows: Albany Courthouse 1895 (George Temple Poole), Goalkeepers House/Lockup, Residence 1845 for James Cooper. Project: Collocated Justice Complex comprising Courts and Regional Police Complex incorporating/refurbishing heritage buildings within design outcome. Site Planning: Heritage Courthouse by George Temple Poole, corner of Stirling Terrace and Collie Streets determines the location of additional Court facilities required. Accordingly the Police Complex finds its location at Western end of the site. Public entries to both located off Stirling Terrace with secure carparking at rear removed from view. Relationship of Built Form to Context: Within its significant historic precinct, the planning configuration addresses the modulation of the existing streetscape by juxtaposing wall lengths on and off the boundary to create a proportion of facade length consistent with existing buildings, with facades fenestrated to simulate historic precinct. New building height is kept within "ceiling" height dictated by eaves of the Old Courthouse, guaranteeing the latters dominant presence, with new roof forms harmonising with language of both Old Courthouse and Cooper Residence. Prominence of historic facades is achieved by maintaining a building exclusion zone around the Cooper Residence and setting back alignment of new Court extensions from that of old. Similar strategies adopted along Collie Street. Cultural Benefit: The establishment of a renewing modern approach addressing precinct as a whole offering Albany a relevant new history complementary to its past, yet indicative of its future. Design Approach: Although part of same complex, Police and Courts present a "difference" one to the other, a necessary affirmation of the key division

between the function of the Court and role of Police. Courts architecture is dignified and inviting, suggestive of a “fair go” whilst Police component portrays community values, accessibility and a stabilising symbol for social rules and civic order. Materials and Finishes (Cost Value Outcomes): Philosophy: A “natural palette” of metal panelling, glass and stone to the Courts and traditional face brickwork, compressed fibre cement panels and glass to Police Station on Stirling Street facade. A more cost effective face brickwork predominance to remaining elevations of both buildings. Materials sit in harmony with the historic palette although intentionally more muted to ensure subordinance to the Old Courthouse in particular. The materials were selected on criteria of minimum maintenance liability. Although some maintenance is inevitable, a balance between maintenance issues, cost effectiveness, aesthetics and context has been achieved. Integration of Allied Disciplines Given the sensitivity of the redevelopment within the historic Stirling Terrace Precinct contributions by Heritage Consultants, an established Community Reference Group, Public Relations Consultants, Local Artists and existing Building Users were significant in moulding the Architectural Brief and determining the ultimate built outcome, with engagement through all phases of the procurement process ensuring client, users, public and consultants were not only well informed, but encouraged to participate in the decision making process. Sustainability: All integrated services are “state of the art” selected and/or designed to achieve operational efficiency and minimise life cycle cost. A deliberate approach to sustainability has determined both passive and service engineering outcomes ensuring consistency with State Government initiatives in this regard.

Albany, WA
Peter Hunt & Daryl Jackson Architects
08 9322 6033
Project Team
Project architect: Graham Hunt
Design architect: Ron Edenburg
Design architect: Daryl Jackson
Design architect: Peter Hunt
Project manager: David Heaver & Associates (Local Architect) (Other
Structural consultant: BPA Engineering
Electrical consultant: Wood & Grieve Engineers
Mechanical consultant: Steens Gray & Kelly
Hydraulic consultant: Wood & Grieve Engineers
Landscape consultant: Tract WA Pty Ltd
Interior designer: Peter Hunt & Daryl Jackson
Acoustic consultant: Gabriels Environmental Design
Quantity consultant: Davis Langdon Australia
Builder: Devaugh Pty Ltd
Builder: Department of Housing & Works , following insolvency of Devaugh Pty Ltd
Courtroom Interiors: Geraldine Maher
Documentation: Colin Cala
Clerk of Works: Greg Leeder
Heritage consultant: Philip Griffiths Architects

Photographs by Peter Hunt & Daryl Jackson Architects, text by Peter Hunt & Daryl Jackson Architects

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