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Sanctuary Place House
by James Russell Architect



The site is within a typical suburban subdivision in Brisbane's Western suburbs. This site is fortunate to have parkland adjoining the north and west. The parkland is a significant pedestrian link to the primary school and surrounding neighbourhoods. Approach is either through the suburban malae or across the park. ""Front door"" has been abandoned encouraging casual movement from the surrounding neighbourhood in to the public heart of the house, the deck. The semi-public spaces of living and cooking open off the deck. Primary circulation within the house is external, sitting between fly/shade screens and internal walls. This space links rooms, protects internal walls and openings from weather and provides security. Building elements hug the south and east boundaries, allowing most of the site to be given over to landscape and a relationship with the park. The smaller

external space between house and street is given over to pool. Landscape levels were manipulated so the house is a part of the journey between park and street. Materials are a response to both suburban context and orientation. Face brick has been used to define boundaries and relationships with the surrounding neighbourhood. Patterning in the brickwork reflects the structure within. Soft and permeable fly screen wraps the remaining structure providing sun shading and insect protection to a simple fibro building. Penetrations within the screen allow for a direct relationship with lanscape beyond. There is no boundary fencing, further strengthen this relationship and allow the structure to take possession of park. Materials exposed to harsh conditions are raw and self finished while the walls protected by this outer skin are more closely associated with joinery.

Fig Tree Pocket, QLD
James Russell Architect
04277 04288
Project Team
Design architect: James Russell
Structural consultant: James Pierce Consulting Engineer
Builder: A.J. Ryan Construction

Photographs by James Russell Architect, text by James Russell Architect

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