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   -   The RAIA Award for Residential Architecture - Houses (VIC)

The Smith Great Aussie Home
by Cassandra Complex



A statement by - The Smith Great Aussie Home …..The Smith Great Aussie Home (that's me kiddies) started as a little seed a long long time ago in a leafy Bayside suburb call Blackrock. The leaves are stringy and whispy in Blackrock and when the wind comes it blows these leaves into very complex three dimensional patterns. The trees lust and thrash about on stormy nights. Lightening, electric disco rocks the boats at sea. This is where I was born…..complex leafy electric disco. In the grassy crib next door to me was a grumpy old lady called ""The Gingerbread House"", a once flashy painted lady well passed her prime and far from her relatives in San Fran, she gazes over the bay with her glazed over eyes, once a fanciful expression of the machine age…now washed up waiting for cocktail hour to start earlier and earlier every day. I learnt a bit from her though….she made me think – what do I want to be like when I grow up? A fanciful expression of the computer age? Slightly asymmetric? Lots of detail? Will I love my family?.....OOOh the thought of my happy Smith family running through my innards sent shivers up my spine. Well, I thought, I want to be just like those leaves surrounding my crib, lusting and thrashing in the breeze

creating complex patterns and dense, continuous space. I want to add layers of space to time, to make time bigger through rich reverberations of two dimensional surfaces. I'd like to welcome the Smiths home everyday with a glint in my eye, a big wet sloppy kiss and enduring hug from my little golden book arms; little bunnies and bees and a slow strip tease of lights as they dance up the spiral stair case…..gasp, take a break and bathe in the glory of the halo that is not Jesus, but OUR Thorpy, all throbbing 80 kilos of him swimming like a god and casting the glowing goodness of his warm skin tones upon the skin of the Smiths. And… and… I want to give them giant glazed clamb shell basins, a techno bunny façade veil, to help with the blond……thing…I want to wrap them in an overscaled Wonderland where you might find Alice anywhere and where they will always feel like children. I want to be so beautiful for the Smiths so they feel nature reverberate through me. I want to tuck them into their beds at night, all cosy and feeling connected to the natural world. I'd like to whisper to the Smiths my little bedtime story which reminds them that I am nature, that they are nature and because of this bedtime truth I will sustain their happy souls.

Blackrock, VIC
Cassandra Complex
03 9329 8308
Project Team
Structural consultant: MacCleod Consulting
Landscape consultant: Cath Stutterhein Landscape Architecture
Builder: Frank Pty Ltd
Photographer: John Gollings
Building surveyor: BSGM

Photographs by John Gollings, text by Cassandra Complex

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