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   -   The RAIA Award for Commercial Architecture (NSW)

376-382 New South Head Road Double Bay
by Eeles Trelease Architects Pty Ltd



376-382 New South Head Rd is an ambitious commercial/retail building in the heart of Double Bay. It is viewed from New South Head Rd, Knox St, and Goldman Lane. It provides a public focus for the commercial centre through its fresh design, while successfully amalgamating architecture with sustainability and maintaining the budget expectations of the owner/developer as a core aspect of successful commercial/retail architecture. The building responds to its corner location and three street frontages by providing a pedestrian-friendly area under the distinctive concrete and skylight awning wrapping around the building. Each fašade and the roof are treated as a public face. The glazed corners create a very open and welcoming building, allowing views through the building to the surrounding natural and built environment. Above the awning the fašade of the building is heavily articulated to create movement of light and shadow throughout the day. Cantilevered floor plates and structurally integrated sunshades allow for full height glazing and light shelves throughout maximising natural light while providing solar shading. Bays of automatic louvres are spread across three fašades providing rain and sun protection to the windows. Behind these openable louvres windows allow for natural ventilation. The lobby design was conceived to encourage tenants to use the staircase instead of the lift. The art wall at the commercial entry is both playful and functional. It deliberately entices people into the

building and up the stairs reducing emphasis on the more subdued lift lobby. The single stair is designed to be a ventilation shaft during normal use and is open to the lobby. The stair ventilation closes down in fire mode to allow for emergency egress. Through its innovative rainwater collection and wastewater recycling this project has perhaps the smallest environmental footprint of any multi-tenanted commercial building in Australia. Rainwater is harvested and used for potable water, it is then treated and recycled for use in the toilets. The building is not connected to mains water or mains sewer. It also successfully incorporates other features such as passive and active sun control, high levels of natural light, sustainable materials, natural ventilation, energy efficient electrical and mechanical services. There is no on-site car parking to encourage use of public transport and reduce overall Co2 emissions. This building achieves the seamless integration of these sustainable elements with the architecture. The project provides an example where sustainability has been amalgamated with contemporary architectural form. The project has met many challenges ranging from creating a concept to suit the size and shape of the site to the ongoing community / authority education of its innovations. The completed building has improved the urban environment in Double Bay providing sought after internal spaces and facilities for future tenants and an ongoing environmental benefit to Sydney.

Double Bay, NSW
Eeles Trelease Architects Pty Ltd
Contact address:
Eeles Trelease Architects Pty Ltd
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.Project Team
Project architect: Kathryn Trelease
Project architect: John Wilson
Design architect: Bruce Eeles
Project manager: Eeles Trelease Architects
Developer: Fivex Pty Ltd
Structural consultant: Taylor Thomson Whiting
Electrical consultant: Denis Blackett + Associates
Hydraulic consultant: Wallis + Spratt
Interior designer: Freedman Rembel
Environmental consultant: Sustainable Projects
Quantity consultant: Bruce Davies + Associates
Builder: Built , NSW
Project Team: Alexandra Hill
Project Team: Tammi Hill
Project Team: Nick Kent
Project Team: Galina Chekalin
Geotech: Douglas Parthers
Photographer: Rowan Turner

Photographs by Rowan Turner, text by Eeles Trelease Architects Pty Ltd

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