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   -   Heritage Architecture Commendation

by Morris-Nunn + Associates



Islington is the conversion of a 1847 Regency mansion into a unique new intimate grand-luxe hotel for the very discerning traveller. It comprises 11 guest rooms located both within the historic interior and also a series of new 'garden suites' which extend the existing building fabric with appropriately scaled new extensions. Apart from the restoration of principal rooms within the old mansion itself, a

large new conservatory opening off the original kitchen acts as a new indoor / outdoor focus for guests. The new extensions reorientate the house towards a renovated garden and open up views to Mt Wellington, which now becomes the formal visual backdrop for the hotel. Islington now has a grandeur far greater than it ever formerly had, and a new use befiiting its cultural and architectural heritage.

South Hobart, TAS
Morris-Nunn + Associates
Contact address:
Morris-Nunn + Associates
Project Team
Project architect: Mr Robert Morris-Nunn, Morris-Nunn + Associates
Structural consultant: Gandy and Roberts
Interior designer: Mr John Goodyear, Islington
Lighting consultant: Ms Frederika Perey
Acoustic consultant: Mr Bill Butler, Vipac
Services consultant: Mr John Calder, TBS Consultants
Other Team Members : James Jones, Ganche Chua, Peter Walker

Photographs by Morris-Nunn + Associates, text by Morris-Nunn + Associates

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