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   -   Interior Architecture Award

Uni SA Kaurna Building - Interior Design
by John Wardle Architects + HASSELL. Architects in Association



The UniSA City West Campus Stage 2 project sees the completion of three out of four new buildings for the UniSA City West Campus. The buildings, in total will establish a new gravitational centre and spiritual heart for this university. The Kaurna Building is home to the Louis Laybourne-Smith School of Architecture and Design and the South Australian School of Art. This four-storey building creates a new face for the university on Hindley Street. Building 3A, currently under construction, will provide the University with a new address on North Terrace; together the two buildings create a new backdrop to Fenn Place. Fenn Place has become integral to the experience

of the campus. Irregularly finned precast panels hovering over a transparent undercut create a detailed texture along the length of this street; the effect is intensified when viewed from an oblique angle from Hindley Street. The response to the brief was to intertwine the academic streams of architecture, design and arts in the same buildings, and exaggerate the shared spaces. The corridors, stairwells and foyers become meeting places. Several new galleries have been created within the building, and the planning encourages interplay between budding artists, designers and architects, between staff and students, and between the schools and the community.

John Wardle Architects + HASSELL. Architects in Association
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: John Wardle Architects + HASSELL
Project manager: Mr Lex Rogers, UniSA - Property Unit
Project manager: Mr Barry Phillis, Barry Phillis & Associates
Structural consultant: Mr Nick Lelos, Wallbridge & Gilbert
Civil consultant: Mr Nick Lelos, Wallbridge & Gilbert
Landscape consultant: John Wardle Architects + HASSELL
Interior designer: John Wardle Architects + HASSELL
Acoustic consultant: Mr Ivailo Dimitrov, Vipac
Services consultant: Mr Peter Harrland, Bestec
Quantity consultant: Mr Andrew Suttie, Rider Hunt
Programming consultant: Mr Jack Apostolou, Thinc Projects
Builder: Mr John Rodella, Built Environs
Photographer: Sam Noonan
Photographer: Trevor Mein
Building surveyor: Mr Ian Dodd, Katnich Dodd

Photographs by Trevor Mein & Sam Noonan, text by John Wardle Architects + HASSELL. Architects in Association

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