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Earnshaw Residence
by John Walsh Architects Pty Ltd



The brief was to design an elegant home for a grown up family on a triangular shaped corner block in an established suburb in an inner northern suburb of Brisbane. The block of approximately 800m2 slopes from west to east and is surrounded by a range of stylistically varying houses. Although a relatively large site, the two street boundaries and resultant setbacks reduced the building area considerably. To minimise the apparent bulk of the house and coupled with a desire to maximise the favourable north eastern aspect a strategy of a single level of living spaces broken up into three two storey "pavilions" was adopted. The living level touches the ground at the west part of the

site and with the site falling away to the east, a full storey underneath for utility spaces is realised The first pavilion contains a lobby, formal living, double garage, study and laundry on the ground floor with three bedrooms and two bathrooms above. Opening of a separate Entry pavilion floating over a pond, a stair in the north east corner of the pavilion links all three levels of the house and also allows cross ventilation. The second pavilion, accessed through a low roofed link, contains combined kitchen, living and dining with family room, wine store and workshop under. The living level is completed with an elevated “outdoor” room in the south east corner of the site.

Ascot, QLD
John Walsh Architects Pty Ltd
07 3252 0208
Project Team
Project architect: Mr John Walsh, John Walsh Architects Pty Ltd
Design architect: Mr John Walsh, John Walsh Architects Pty Ltd
Structural consultant: Mr Craig Langton, Morgan Consulting Engineers
Hydraulic consultant: Mr Trevor Woodward, Chilton Woodward & Associates
Builder: Mr Frank Battistin, Sunset Constructions
Photographer: John Walsh
Photographer: Callaghan Walsh
Other Team Members : Stuart Mitchell

Photographs by John Walsh & Callaghan Walsh, text by John Walsh Architects Pty Ltd

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