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   -   Victorian Architecture Medal
   -   Harold Desbrowe-Annear Residential Architecture Award

Yve Apartments
by Wood Marsh Architecture



The Building has been designed as a three dimensional structure with predominantly glass facings of various textures and layers. The intention is for a subtle building which will sit harmoniously in its location and at the same time present a positive contributuion to the streetscape. The building set backs are similar to those adjoining however the St. Kilda Road facade in plan curves away at the sides and forms deep recesses to the side boundaries. The building is symmetrical in plan on all levels and is symmetrical in elevation. The symmetry is designed to give the building no face, rear, or side but rather a similar aesthetic when viewed from any direction. Levels above 45m step inward from the corners and step slightly less inward on the face. The movement therefore forces the perspective, creates a crown to the building capital, and importantly does not alter the overall building language. The facade treatment has many levels and combined with the adjustment of form emphasizes the three dimensional building quality. The first glazing layer is a lightly reflective charcoal glass extending from floor to ceiling. The glazing mullions are also charcoal and contribute to the first layer of vertical fins. In addtion to the vertical pattern the glazing line follows the building curves. it also steps back to form balconies and create shadowed recesses. It is intended to contrast the vertical and horizontal lines.

All concrete floor plates are screened by a continuous ribbon of concertina glass which acts as balcony handrails, shading devices and generally provides the building with its second layer. The concertina glass which in part is transparent but when viewed at a distance or obtusely creates a shimmering mesmeric effect. The glass panels are held off the face of the building by 600mm allowing filtered light to penetrate the building facade. In addition to the shimmering glass panels the facade has a series of vertical reflective metal fins. The fins are located to provide privacy, act as sun protection screens and also form a third layer to the facade design. The fins hang off the building, penetrate the glass ribbon and extend outward. At the top of the building the fins are shorter and denser, this reduces as they move down the building, where they become longer and increase spacing. The overall effect is to create a waterfall over the face of the building. At the ground level the building skirt lifts up centrally with the ground floor glazing recessed so the building appears to float. The ground floor glazing is softly frosted coloured glass of various shades with the entry being clear. Noctunally the building will be subtly lit on the face behind the shimmering glass ribbon. The Building will also be up lit using patterned lighting devices to further extend the building character.

Melbourne, VIC
Wood Marsh Architecture
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Mr Dominic Chirico, Wood/Marsh Architecture
Design architect: Mr Roger Wood, Wood/Marsh Architecture
Design architect: Mr Randal Marsh, Wood/Marsh architecture
Builder: Sunland Constructions
Photographer: Peter Bennetts

Photographs by Peter Bennetts, text by Wood Marsh Architecture

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