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Niddrie Bungalow
by Justin Moore Pty Ltd



The Niddrie Bungalow is a direct response to the changing needs of the traditional nuclear family with young adult children who still intend to live with their parents for a number of years and parents that are comfortable with that. This new dynamic of the traditional family unit creates the need for new separate living spaces which still have amenity to north light & garden. Comprising of a new bedroom, bathroom & gym there is also an elevated covered area which connects to the existing living areas of the house to the bungalow. The difficulty was that the house had already been altered previously to have open plan living spaces around the kitchen.

It was soon realized that changing the internal spaces of the existing house was economically unviable to change & would cause a major disruption to the studying children. Rather than alter the existing house for the additional bedroom space the rear shed/garage has become less important so there was an opportunity to site the new Bedroom bathroom & Gym along the rear side boundary. The vacant left over space in between the old & the new become and ideal informal meeting place and new focus for the residence. The design investigates the relationship of the bungalow to the main house and the use of an infill structure to create a new dynamic the existing.

Niddrie, VIC
Justin Moore Pty Ltd
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Mr Justin Moore
Design architect: Mr Justin Moore
Structural consultant: David Novak & Associates Pty Ltd
Builder: Liberty Improvements Pty Ltd
Photographer: Mr Steven Pam
Building surveyor: Fisher Dowell Pty Ltd
Other Team Members : Mariola Kesy

Photographs by Mr Steven Pam, text by Justin Moore Pty Ltd

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