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   -   Commendation in The RAIA Robin Boyd Award for Residential Buildings
   -   Blacket Award
   -   Single Housing New - Architecture Award

by Stutchbury & Pape



Bangalay represents a chorus between architecture client and site. Previously a small water hole and adjacent caravan, the challenge was to replicate the sense of settlement without subtracting from the mood of place. Siting was fundamental and building plan represents both immediate and distant relationships with the land. This building has a softness that

brings with it both welcoming and stillness. Each facade each room has been organised to engage the existing qualities, the long ends of the building melding seamlessly with their adjacent contour. Bangalay represents a shift toward ‘restraint' and building as room; all parts managed in section, structure and opening; the outcome but a slither with the land.

Upper Kangaroo Valley, NSW
Stutchbury & Pape
Contact address:
Stutchbury & Pape
Project Team
Project architect: Peter J Stutchbury, Stutchbury+Pape
Design architect: Stutchbury+Pape
Structural consultant: Professor Max Irvine, Structural Mechanics and Dynamics
Landscape consultant: Phoebe Pape, Stutchbury+Pape
Builder: Tony Lake, Tony Lake Constructions
Photographer: Michael Nicholson, Michael Nicholson Photography
Other Team Members : Marika Jarv

Photographs by Michael Nicholson of Michael Nicholson Photography, text by Stutchbury & Pape

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