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Mt Minderoo House, Mittagong
by Luigi Rosselli Pty Ltd



Set behind a grove of trees forming a ring around the summit of Mt Minderoo the house is hidden from the surrounding view points. A thick stone wall meanders through the trees forming finger shaped terraces projecting toward the hill side. The wall is constructed using the dark brown and ocher, weathered basalt, volcanic rock that covers the entire hill top. It becomes the demarcation between the untouched hill side, the house and its functional outdoor spaces. Alternating between a swimming pool

wall, a parapet and a house wall, it encloses the entry courtyard. The house is defined in three wings, articulated in an open fan shape. Each wing is a simple rectangle employing economical construction methods; stud walls, trussed roof and a concrete slab on ground. The roofs have been profiled to follow the aerodynamics of the site to suit the strong winds that prevail across the hill top. The orientation of the wings form a protected courtyard between the living room and the master bedroom

Mittagong, NSW
Luigi Rosselli Pty Ltd
Contact address:
Luigi Rosselli Pty Ltd
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.Project Team
Project architect: Luigi Rosselli
Structural consultant: Matthew O'Hearn, O'Hearn Consulting
Builder: Domenico Alvaro, Alvaro Bros
Photographer: Richard Glover
Other Team Members : Simon Rosewell, Corrado Palleschi

Photographs by Richard Glover, text by Luigi Rosselli Pty Ltd

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