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Scarborough House Woden - Extension and Refurbishment
by Guida Moseley Brown Architects



The design for the redevelopment of the existing 15-storey office tower in the Woden Town Centre involves the extension of the existing building's north and west sides to maximise new office floor space with good orientation, solar access and best panoramic views; new services and completely new interior and exterior materials and finishes; new entry and drop-off facilities; new paving, seating, plantings in the surrounding areas and signage. Key influences in the design were to maintain existing height limits, upgrade the existing character of the building including ‘picking up' existing design references in the existing facades, minimise impact on adjoining owners and buildings, enrich and enliven a perceived dead-area of the

Town Centre, provide open public outdoor spaces to the warm (sunny) side of the building and provide an environmental, sustainable development utilizing modern technologies. In order to separate the existing facades from the new facades of the extension in an architecturally appropriate way, the design introduces two metal clad vertical blades, against which the new and the old facades close. One of these blades is a vibrant colour and acts as an urban marker to provide identity from remote locations. The urban marker also communicates the building’s name - Scarborough House. This signage guides and leads occupants and visitors alike to the building and gives Scarborough House a strong identity within the Woden Town Centre.

Woden, ACT
Guida Moseley Brown Architects
02 6280 7080
Project Team
Project architect: Mr Timothy Brown, Guida Moseley Brown Architects
Design architect: Mr Harold Guida, Guida Moseley Brown Architects
Project manager: Mr Greg Lemin, Baulderstone Hornibrook Pty Ltd
Structural consultant: AWT Consulting Engineers
Civil consultant: Mr Ian Brodie, GHD
Electrical consultant: Mr Ben Murphy, GHD
Mechanical consultant: Mr Bill Greenwood, Greenwood & Associates Pty Ltd
Hydraulic consultant: Mr Evan Watts, GHD
Landscape consultant: Mr Peter Britz, Dorrough Britz(Redbox Design)
Acoustic consultant: Mr Eric Taylor, Eric Taylor Acoustics Pty Ltd
Environmental consultant: Mr Paul Bannister, Exergy
Quantity consultant: Baulderstone Hornibrook Pty Ltd
Builder: Mr Greg Lemin, Baulderstone Hornibrook Pty Ltd
BCA Consultant: Mr Ian Anlezark, BCA Solutions
DA Consultant: Mr Peter Guild, Guildin Consultants Pty Ltd & Kla Australia Pty Ltd
Photographer: Mr John Gollings, John Gollings Photography PtyLtd
Other Team Members : Ms Sieglinde Whittle,Mr David Antcliff,Ms Emma Clark,Ms Justine Cox,Mr Michael Komnacki,Ms Josephine Stortini,Mr Paul Nihill, Mr Adam Rusan, Ms Vanessa Jackson

Photographs by Mr John Gollings of John Gollings Photography PtyLtd, text by Guida Moseley Brown Architects

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