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Redsalt Bar
by Troppo Architects NT



The client called for a revamp of image, the establishment of identity, and a zoning of the bar from the existing restaurant and lobby. Qualities of light, textures and rhythms of the Territory directed the design, evoking a sense of place. The intonation between light and dark, the variations of luminosity help to create mystery and depth, referencing the experience of the bush. Projected images and variations in light sources establish a

sense of time, the progression from day to night, within an otherwise isolated timezone. Repetition of material and surface suggest patterns of the landscape at all scales, from the vastness of country, to the markings on an insect. Division of space became a solution to manage the awkwardness of the area and the proposed uses of the bar; from office extension and cafe during the day, to pre-dinner drinks venue, then tapas and wine bar at night.

Vaucluse, NT
Troppo Architects NT
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Mr Greg McNamara, Troppo Architects NT
Structural consultant: Mr Steven Au, KBR
Lighting consultant: Mr Lawrence Buckley, Top End Sounds
Quantity consultant: QS Services
Builder: QBuilt
Joiner: Mr Chris Kontzionis
Photographer: Ms Joanna Best, Troppo Architects NT
Building surveyor: Mr Graham Lockerby, KBR
Other Team Members : Lena Yali, Joanna Best

Photographs by Ms Joanna Best of Troppo Architects NT, text by Troppo Architects NT

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