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Winn Residence
by Warwick O'Brien - Architect



The Winn residence, a successful nomination in the category of "Excellence in Building" in the YBE 2004 Exemplars National Awards program, is a multi-level building, set on a sloping site facing a linear park in the new housing estate of Blackwood Park. This house represents a comprehensive approach to sustainability. It combines passive and active design elements that are brought together under an extensive C-Bus building management system. Active/passive systems include subsidence towers, solar flue, a geo-thermal heating and cooling in-slab system, solar hot water generation for pool and house reticulation, grid connected photo voltaic power generation and purpose designed in-wall evaporative cooling systems. These active systems are interlaced with passive systems such as orientation, sunshading, wide eaves overhangs, selected planting, low emissivity glass, alternating high thermal mass walls with

insulating walls, comprehensive natural fibre roof insulation and concrete slabs that act as a heat sink. All climatic and shading conditions, as well as the embodied energy of materials have been simulated by computer program, and the electronic control programs developed allow the building to be constantly monitored as a living laboratory. The design has considered the human factor in the sustainability equation by incorporating Feng Sui principles and extensive application of Alexander's "Pattern Language" criteria for harmonious living. These have largely shaped the layout of the building and its courtyards, as well as its massing and roof shape. High priority has also been given to durability of finishes and low maintenance throughout. Water conservation is amply demonstrated as the house is completely operating on harvested rainwater that also feeds an organic vegetable garden/orchard.

Craigburn Farm, SA
Warwick O'Brien - Architect
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Warwick O'Brien - Architect
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.Project Team
Project architect: Warwick O'Brien, Warwick O'Brien - Architect
Structural consultant: Trevor Kokinakis, T.M.K. Consulting Engineers
Interior designer: Angela Kanala, Angela Kanala
Environmental consultant: Paul Whatnell, TEQMan Pty Ltd
Quantity consultant: Michael Banger, Skyator Pty. Ltd.
Builder: Alan Stewart, Stewart Bros Constructions
Feng Sui consultant: Ms Nicola Rowland, Feng Sui Properties
Photographer: Sarah Long, Sarah Long Photography

Photographs by Sarah Long of Sarah Long Photography, text by Warwick O'Brien - Architect

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