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Brisbane Magistrates Court Art
by Cox Rayner Architects in joint venture with Ainsley Bell + Murchison Architects



The Brisbane Magistrates Court was undertaken under the State Government's Art Built-In Policy which allocated 2% of the construction budget to artwork. Often an outcome of the policy in practice is that artwork is gratuitous or additive for varying reasons the architect is uncommitted to working with artists; the bureaucratic process delays appointment of artists until too late to engage them in the design phase, the artists are equally unwilling or sceptical about collaboration. Cox Rayner's design philosophy is very much committed to working with artists, whether under policy or not, as a means of imparting cultural diversity and accessibility to projects, and enriching the experience of the public realm. Over 120 artists submitted for the project, of which 15 were selected after an interview process which discussed the design (architectural competition drawings and

model) and considered specific possibilities for integration conceptually and / or physically. By this process, they were engaged sufficiently early to influence our design development, and siting and materiality of their work in relation to the building context. With the curator Jay Younger, we developed a curatorial strategy which allowed for each artist to produce their particular art practices while being united by the condition that each work would reveal its process of making. This strategy reflected an attitude we had already taken to the architectural materiality of the building in the varied treatments of insitu and precast concrete, and other natural materials. Unlike many public projects, we regard the involvement of artists as having been a reciprocal process of design between art and architecture, each referring to, and interacting between, one and other.

Brisbane, QLD
Cox Rayner Architects in joint venture with Ainsley Bell + Murchison Architects
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Project Team
Project architect: Mr Michael Rayner, Cox Rayner Architects
Curator: Ms Jay Younger
Artist: Mr Daniel Templeman
Artist: Ms Fiona Foley
Artist: Mr Eugene Carchesio
Artist: Ms Judy Watson
Artist: Ms Freya Pinney
Artist: Ms Sandra Selig
Artist: Ms Barbara Heath
Artist: Mr Guy Parmenter
Artist: Ms Marian Drew
Artist: Mr Sebastian di Mauro
Artist: Ms Judith Kentish
Artist: Mr Bruce Reynolds
Artist: Ms Lilla Watson
Artist: Ms Judith Wright
Photographer: Mr Stefan Jannides, Stefan Jannides Photography
Photographer: Mr Bart Maiorana, Maiorana Associates
Other Team Members : Tim Morgan, Steve Hunter

Photographs by Mr Stefan Jannides of Stefan Jannides Photography & Mr Bart Maiorana of Maiorana Associates, text by Cox Rayner Architects in joint venture with Ainsley Bell + Murchison Architects

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