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   -   Architecture Award – Institutional Alterations & Extensions

Melbourne General Cemetery - Gatehouse Mausoleum
by Harmer Architecture Pty Ltd



The Gatehouse Mausoleum is a new community mausoleum located immediately behind the historic gatehouse to Melbourne General Cemetery in Parkville. The Mausoleum comprises a series of galleries covered by a fan shaped roof and 618 spaces are provided for interment. The key design issues were the relationship of

the new building to the gatehouse and to the cemetery landscape. The cemetery is Melbourne’s original cemetery in the heart of the city with very little room left for burial. The Gatehouse Mausoleum provides new options for the largely Italian community to remember their relatives in a prominent location.

Parkville, VIC
Harmer Architecture Pty Ltd
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Harmer Architecture
Structural consultant: GHD Pty Ltd
Civil consultant: GHD Pty Ltd
Electrical consultant: O'Connor Associates
Hydraulic consultant: Clements Consulting Group
Landscape consultant: The Necropolis, Springvale
Quantity consultant: Slattery Australia Pty Ltd
Builder: Behmer & Wright
Stained Glass Artist: Andrew Ferguson Stained Glass
Conservation Architect: Bruce Trethowan
Photographer: Trevor Mein

Photographs by Trevor Mein, text by Harmer Architecture Pty Ltd

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