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   -   The RAIA National Award for Interior Architecture
   -   Commercial Architecture Award

by Bligh Voller Nield



The new National Australia Bank building at Melbourne Docklands represents world's best practice in the creation of workplace communities. Extensive international research has been conducted, both in terms of the workplace and state of the art sustainable architecture design. Mixed mode ventilation, workplace daylighting, low energy consumption and the creation of internal landscape environments

characterise the sustainable advances in this development. This is the first development of the new Melbourne Docklands - a large urban renewal project. The National Australia Bank building is located at the junction of Victoria Harbour - a regenerated shipping port - and a new grand urban square. With a gross floor area of 80,000sqm, the building is one of the largest single tenant commercial buildings in Australia.

Docklands, VIC
Bligh Voller Nield
Contact address:
Project Team
Project manager: Bovis Lend Lease
Developer: Lend Lease Development
Structural consultant: Robert Bird & Partners
Electrical consultant: Connell Mott McDonald
Mechanical consultant: Bassett
Hydraulic consultant: Norman Disney & Young
Landscape consultant: Edaw (Aust) Pty Ltd
Acoustic consultant: Watson Moss Growcott Acoustics
Quantity consultant: Rawlinsons Group
Prinicpal Architect: Mr James Grose, Bligh Voller Nield
Project Director: Mr Warwick Simmonds, Bligh Voller Nield
Project Director: Ms Jane Williams, Bligh Voller Nield
Lighting Consultant: Connell Mott MacDonald
Communication Consultant: Connell Mott MacDonald
Specialist Lighting Consultant: The Design Coalition, Lend Lease Design
BCA Certification: McKenzie Group Consulting
Access Consultant: Morris Disablity Consulting
Ergonomic Advice: Mark Dohrmann & Partners
Strategic Briefing: DEGW
Kitchen Consultant: Sangster Design Group
Pool Consultant: AGL Mechanical Services
Graphic Design: Red Mustard
Audio Visual: Roberts Weaver Group
Security & Data: IPP
Project Audit: APP
Traffic Consultant: Turnbull Fenner Pty Ltd
Workplace Research: Department of Human Ecology, Cornell University
Workplace Stratey: Lend Lease Corporate Solutions
Public Domain: Lend Lease Design
Technical Review: Bovis Lend Lease TSG / Lend Lease Design
Technical Review: Bovis Lend Lease TSG / Lend Lease Design
Vertical Transportation: Norman Disney & Young Consulting Engineers
Wind Consultant: Mel Consultants
Building Science: Arup Building Science / Bassett Applied Science
Fire Engineer: Arup Fire
Structural Engineer (Pavilions): James Taylor & Associates
Photographer: Mr John Gollings, Gollings Photography
Photographer: Mr Anthony Browell, Oki Doki
Other Team Members : Leonardo Arias, Milena Beames, Matthew Blair, Craig Burns, Ann Burton, Brendan Cadden, Georgina Camp, Walter Carniato, Emma Cecchin, Peter Clarke, Geoff Cooke, Caroline Diesner, Bill Dowzer, Catherine Edwards, Sharon Francis, Abbie Galvin, Christian Greve, Michael Harvey, Neil Hill, Bernard Hogan, Billy Horgan, Daniel Horsley, Michelle Hosking, Kim Humphreys, Greg Knight, Nikki Launder, Leny Lembo, Carolyn Meddick, Devina Metzlar, Damien Mulvihill, Nesha Naidoo, Michael Persch, Thannop Poomcharoenwattana, Brooke Radtke, Domino Risch, Nicholas Searle, Eleanor Sparrow, John Van Gemert, Barbara Vourakis, Rob Weiss, Surinder Yadav

Photographs by Mr John Gollings of Gollings Photography & Mr Anthony Browell of Oki Doki, text by Bligh Voller Nield

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