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   -   The RAIA Robin Boyd Award for Residential Buildings
   -   Single Housing New - Architecture Award

by Stutchbury & Pape



This building was always considered as a subtle extraction of the site, balance of weight and weightless. Moving down the site, free to the west, fragmented along the contour, held by grounded pockets. The extension of platforms encourages living at a variety of sites, the building becoming as directed by occupants either just a shelter in the bush or a series of

secure rooms each exploring the art of space. The house occupant is kept consistently aware of change and place as the house sits as only a veil within the landscape. Occasionally a moment of dreaming is captured in an expression whose simplicity goes beyond the reasons where the moment belongs, but daily we find the rooms occupied by function or silence.

Seaforth, NSW
Stutchbury & Pape
Contact address:
Stutchbury & Pape
Project Team
Project architect: Mr Peter Stutchbury, Stutchbury & Pape
Design architect: Mr Peter Stutchbury, Stutchbury & Pape
Design architect: Mr James Stockwell, Stutchbury & Pape
Structural consultant: Professor Max Irvine, Structural Mechanics and Dynamics
Landscape consultant: Ms Phoebe Pape, Stutchbury & Pape
Builder: Mr David Watson, Watpow Constructions

Photographs by Stutchbury & Pape, text by Stutchbury & Pape

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