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Walsh Bay Redevelopment
by HPA /PTW/Tropman and Tropman/Bates Smart/Clive Lucas Stapleton and Partners



The Walsh Bay Redevelopment is one of the most significant urban renewal projects in the history of Australia. It demonstrates the positive results which can be achieved through the successful integration of retained and restored built heritage, high quality urban and architectural design and innovative construction techniques. It employs environmentally sustainable design, through the use of recycled materials, natural ventilation,

sea water cooling, innovative adjustable fašade systems and environmental protection measures during construction It has transformed a nationally significant yet redundant and moribund precinct into a new precinct, accessible to all, and will be model for future generations of the richness and vigour that can be found in the sensitive combination of historic fabric with modern architecture.

North Sydney, NSW
HPA /PTW/Tropman and Tropman/Bates Smart/Clive Lucas Stapleton and Partners
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Mr Wayne Krygsman
Project architect: Mr Murray Walker
Project architect: Mrs Anita Verma
Project architect: Mr Alan Reilly
Project architect: Mr Sanjay Sharma
Project architect: Mr Robert Wilson
Project architect: Mr Roman Dabrowski
Project architect: Mr Simon Parsons
Project architect: Mr Phillip Vivian
Project architect: Mr Lester Tropman
Project architect: Mr Adrian King
Project architect: Mr Ian Stapleton
Design architect: Mr Malcolm Sholl
Design architect: Mr Andrew Andersons
Design architect: Mr Phillipe Robert
Design architect: Mr Tasman Storey
Developer: Walsh Bay Finance
Builder: Mirvac
Heritage Architect: Mr Ian Stapleton, Tropman and Tropman / Clive Lucas Stapleton and Partners
Other Team Members : Michael Mandl, Robert Graham, Robert Turchini, Jill McCartie, Swee-Liew Teng, Nick Woolley, Richard Lamas, Tim McKern, Bruce Vote, Chez Rands, Trish McCaul-Kidd, Glen Bowden, Richard Winyard, Jane Peter, Daniel Mulcahy, John Oultram, Tony Smith, Monique Quinlan, Sarah Reilly, Ed Bebee, Fleur Mellor, Kate Napier

Photographs by HPA /PTW/Tropman and Tropman/Bates Smart/Clive Lucas Stapleton and Partners, text by HPA /PTW/Tropman and Tropman/Bates Smart/Clive Lucas Stapleton and Partners

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