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Point Piper House
by Louise Nettleton Architect Pty Ltd



The original house was designed by Modernist architect Hugh Burich and completed in 1961. When our work commenced, the house had been vacant for 2 years, it was riddled with concrete cancer, leaked badly in several places and had little or no north light internally at each level. The main objective of this "renovation, restoration and rebuild" was to maintain the most dramatic elements of the original Burich building, the cantilevering living room and splayed terrace, with their slender concrete columns. This objective was to work in with accommodating a family of 4 and their visiting grandparents. The steel and zinc box slotted between the columns contains the main bedroom. It hangs from the rebuilt slab above. Steel haunches

locate, separate and anchor the box to the existing columns. It is a deliberate intrusion that still allows the original cantilever and form to remain the hero. The new central courtyard allows at each level north light to the internal spaces and extended water views through it and beyond. It provides natural cross ventilation. The fish pond cools the air to those rooms that open onto it. The central stair and circulation bridge adjacent to the courtyard provides cross ventilation through the levels of the main spine of the building and into each room. While the house has been significantly altered (and reduced in size), the planning requirements for a family have been met with a simple and direct plan

Point Piper, NSW
Louise Nettleton Architect Pty Ltd
Contact address:
Louise Nettleton Architect Pty Ltd
Project Team
Project architect: Louise Nettleton, Louise Nettleton Architect
Project architect: Bernard Whitcher, Louise Nettleton Architect
Project architect: Louise Nettleton Architect
Design architect: Louise Nettleton, Louise Nettleton Architect
Structural consultant: James Taylor, James taylor Associates
Hydraulic consultant: Roger Chance, NDY
Landscape consultant: Jim Osbourne, Material Landscape Architecture
Quantity consultant: Donald Bayley, Donald Bayley Associates
Builder: Pimas Gale Constructions
Original architect: Mr Hugh Buhrich
Photographer: Brett Boardman, Brett Boardman Photography

Photographs by Brett Boardman of Brett Boardman Photography, text by Louise Nettleton Architect Pty Ltd

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