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Anzac Hall
by Denton Corker Marshall



Opened in 2001, ANZAC Hall is the first extension to the Australian War Memorial main building in 30 years, providing 3,000m˛ of exhibition space to display the large technology relics in the Memorial's collection, such as aircraft, vehicles, tanks and other artillery. The fan-shaped building comprises a long solid concrete wall that tapers dramatically to a thin edge at each end. A dark thin curving roof cantilevers over the main body of the building, adopting the appearance of the wing of a military aircraft. With no direct public access through its exterior, ANZAC Hall maintains an enigmatic presence on the site and provides a neutral backdrop to the Memorial. Its palettes of materials and

colours are fitting reminders of the military nature of the museum. A glass and steel bridge connects the older building to the new one, at first-floor level, and leads the visitor to a mezzanine level, from where the contents of the large exhibition hall below become visible. Also accommodated on this level are services, café and an exhibition space. From this point the visitor can take in the display arranged in the hall below. The hall, dark and cavernous, makes a suitable dramatic backdrop for the Memorial’s collection of military tanks, trucks, planes and submarines. The exhibits come to life as sound effects and audio-visual equipment recreate scenes from Australia’s military past.

Campbell, ACT
Denton Corker Marshall
Contact address:
Denton Corker Marshall
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.Project Team
Project manager: Root Projects
Structural consultant: Taylor Thompson Whitting
Civil consultant: Taylor Thompson Whitting
Services consultant: Norman Disney Young
Quantity consultant: Donald Cant Watts Corke
Builder: John Hindmarsh (ACT) Pty Ltd
Exhibition Designers: Freeman Ryan
Photographer: Mr John Gollings, Gollings Photography Pty Ltd

Photographs by Mr John Gollings of Gollings Photography Pty Ltd, text by Denton Corker Marshall

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