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The Naito Residence
by Philip Follent Architects Pty Ltd



A 1970s brick veneer home is the setting for a relatively modest renovation which attempts to formalise the public and private realms of the house and at the same time hopefully demonstrate that "home improvements' are more than painted stencils, backyard instant artworks, or the replacement of unwanted furniture by questionable creations of painted medium density fibreboard! Previous owners enclosed the main entry porch and added an adjoining sunroom, however, with the external staircase still intact there was no clear alternative route for guests to access the public spaces of lounge, dining room, etc at the opposite end of the house. To remedy the possible confusion, an existing small balcony off the lounge/dining area was extended to create a large deck and staircase surmounted by a prominent spearhead-shaped canopy. Together, these created the marker for the main public entrance. Thus the house is broken

into two clearly defined realms with public and private spaces at opposite ends. This also ensured that the television and its potentially corrupting influence of backyard improvement programs on guests could be minimised by locating the television at the non-public end of the residence. The client wanted a home which required little maintenance, had a sense of openness – almost emptiness, and efficient storage of the sometimes untidy but essential gadget, articles and components necessary for modern life. The removal of all window treatments and floor finishes, the polishing of timber floors, the repainting of all other surfaces in white and the installation of robust white shelving and cupboards with minor splashes of accent colour have satisfied the client’s objectives but also, through such paring back, has been revealed and deferred to the simplicity and unassuming character of the original 70s building.

Philip Follent Architects Pty Ltd
07 5534 4166
Project Team
Project architect: Mr Philip Follent, Philip Follent Architects P/L
Structural consultant: Mr John Cillekens, Weathered Howe Engineers
Builder: Mr Les Walter, WKGroup
Other Team Members : Mr Ziad Salameh

Photographs by Philip Follent Architects Pty Ltd, text by Philip Follent Architects Pty Ltd

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