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St Patrick's Cathedral, Parramatta
by MGT Architects with Romaldo Giurgola, Architect



St. Patrick's Cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1996 leaving only the masonry walls standing. The Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church of Parramatta, in response to the tragedy, wished to plan a Cathedral church which would meet the needs for the liturgical and social activities of its people into the next century. The remains of the existing church structure and elements from the earlier 1850s church and 1880s tower incorporated in the church fabric had been given heritage significance status. The design of the new St Patrick's Cathedral building complex is inclusive of existing and new structures as it is made by tradition as well as by new needs. The restoration of the ruined Cathedral church (now called the Blessed Sacrament Chapel), a new Cathedral space connected with the

Chapel, a Forecourt, Cloister and Parish Hall, together with the existing Presbytery and Murphy House, are the major elements in a site which has undergone an extensive archaeological investigation and subsequent preservation of historic remains. A narrative of works of art conceived from the start of the project, describes in contemporary language the presence of people’s aspirations and beliefs. All of these components are considered as an uninterrupted architectural presence on a significant historical site for the Roman Catholic Church in Australia and for the Parramatta community. The spiritual atmosphere of the new Cathedral complex intends to be one of conscious simplicity and clarity as for a place where people may come for offerings, prayers and joyous congregations.

Parramatta, NSW
MGT Architects with Romaldo Giurgola, Architect
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MGT Architects with Romaldo Giurgola, Architect
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.Project Team
Project architect: Robert Thorne, MGT Architects
Design architect: Romaldo Giurgola
Structural consultant: Connell Mott MacDonald
Civil consultant: Connell Mott MacDonald
Electrical consultant: Lincolne Scott Australia Pty Ltd
Mechanical consultant: Lincolne Scott Australia Pty Ltd
Hydraulic consultant: LHO Group
Landscape consultant: Tract Consultants
Acoustic consultant: Eric Taylor Acoustics Pty Ltd
Services consultant: Lincolne Scott Australia Pty Ltd
Quantity consultant: Rider Hunt Sydney Pty Ltd
Communications consultant: Lincolne Scott Australia Pty Ltd
Builder: St Hilliers Contracting Pty Limited
Heritage Architect: Peter Freeman Pty Ltd
Art Program Consultant: Pamille Berg Consulting Pty Ltd
Art Program - Sub-Consultants: J B Design Consultants Pty Ltd; Bartlett Design Consultants Pty Ltd
Artists and/or Fabricators: Robin Blau, Philip Cooper, Peter Corlett, Derix Glasstudios (Germany), Graham Eadie, Rachael Ellis, Anne Ferguson, Hendrik Forster, H & E Gehrt
Artists and/or Fabricators: Di Lansdown, Kevin Perkins, Sharon Peoples, Fay Skyring, Klaus Zimmer. Additional works of art have been commissioned for installation in 2004
Archaeological Consultant: Casey and Lowe Associates
Stone Consultant: Gordon Inglis
Photographer: John Gollings
Photographer: Hamilton Lund
Photographer: Romaldo Giurgola
Other Team Members : MGT Architects: Tim Halden Brown (Administrative Partner), Andrew Fox, Wayne Henkel, Cassandra Keller, Robert Patat, Stephen Schrapel

Photographs by John Gollings, Hamilton Lund & Romaldo Giurgola, text by MGT Architects with Romaldo Giurgola, Architect

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