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Nyinkka-Nyunyu Art and Culture Centre, Tennant Creek
by Tangentyere Design and X Squared Design



NYNKKA NYUNYU ART AND CULTURE CENTRE, TENNANT CREEK Project Description The Nyinkka Nyunyu Aboriginal art and culture centre at Tennant Creek is a major undertaking of the Waramungu people of the Barkly region. The centre is a community development initiative of Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation (JCAC) and is located next to a Waramanga sacred site. Nyinkka Nyunyu, (pronounced ny-ink-a nyoo-nyoo) the home of the spiky tailed goanna, is on Paterson Street (the Stuart Highway) as it passes through Tennant Creek. It features an art gallery, multimedia display, retail outlet, cafe, community spaces and arid zone garden with two traditional dance rings for men and women's performances. The project features an unprecedented depth of community involvement in the planning and approvals process during the development of the design for the stage 1 and stage 2 buildings as well as the development of the exhibition display and landscaping. The process of ongoing consultation involved more than 80 Waramanga Traditional Owners and was critical to:  Establish the requirements of the clients and ensure they were represented properly  Establish Waramanga approval of developments  Establish Waramanga ownership of the project  Maximise involvement of JCAC Community Development

Employment Program (CDEP) during the construction phases The architectural form is an abstraction of the spiky tailed goanna. The Waramungu people as traditional owners for the Nyinkka Nyunyu sacred site, requested a building that echoed the form of the goanna with its spiky scales. The radial geometry grew from these ideas, along with the courtyard plan and segmented spiky roof forms. The repeated plane sections of the roof structure were adopted to gain both efficiency and relative simplicity, with the objective of optimising local indigenous input through Julalikari Councilís CDEP program. However, this repetition was not allowed to compromise the overall concept of the built form. Innovation within the Nyinkka Nyunyu project encompasses design, technical, practical, social and cultural fields as well as being a good example of the use of high level IT and communications systems to assemble and coordinate a virtual design office, with Kutjara Consultants (project coordinatorís) and Tangentyere Design (Architects) based in Alice Springs, Alison Alder (Visual Arts Coordinator) based in Tennant Creek, the exhibition display and public areas fit out being designed by X Squared Design architects based in Sydney, and engineering being carried out in Tasmania by SKM Engineers.

Tennant Creek, NT
Tangentyere Design and X Squared Design
Contact address:
Tangentyere Design and X Squared Design
Project Team
Project architect: Stephen Lumb, Tangentyere Design (Architects)
Project architect: Jisuk Han, X Squared Design (Inerpretive Display / Interior Design)
Design architect: Stephen Lumb, Tangentyere Design (Architect)
Design architect: Sue Dugdale, Tangentyere Design (Architect)
Design architect: Jisuk Han, X Squared Design P/L (Iterpretive Display / Interior Design)
Project manager: Liz Tregenza, Kutjara Consultants
Structural consultant: SKM Engineers
Civil consultant: SKM Engineers
Electrical consultant: SKM Engineers
Mechanical consultant: SKM Engineers
Hydraulic consultant: SKM Engineers
Landscape consultant: Cathrine Pirrie
Quantity consultant: Clive Towell, Clive Towell and Associates
Builder: Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation
Project Coordinator: Liz Tregenza, Kutjara Consultants
Ethnobotanist: Fiona Walsh
Visual Arts Coordinator: Alison Alder
Audiovisual: Garry Warner, CDP Media
Exhibition Graphics: Studio Naar
Lighting Design (Interpretive Display): Bluebottle 3
Editorial (Interpretive Display): Jennifer Blunden
Preparator: Ewin Wood
Linguists: M Jones Jampin
Linguists: J Nixon Nakkamara
Linguists: Jane Simpson
Linguists: David Nash
Linguists: Samantha Disbray
Curatorial Advice: Museum Victoria
Horticulturalist: Michael Fitz Jakkamarra
Mudbricks: Julalikari CDEP
Landscaping works: Julalikari CDEP
Senior Project Advisor: J Frank Jakkamarra
Senior Project Advisor: Day Day Frank Jakkamarra
Senior Project Advisor: Warupunju Jappananka
Senior Project Advisor: A Allen Jangali
Senior Project Advisor: W Nelson Juppurula
Senior Project Advisor: D Dawson Nangali
Senior Project Advisor: K Fitz Nappanangka
Community Consultation and Research: Mrs P Frank Narrurla
Community Consultation and Research: Mrs D Williams Nakkamarra
Community Consultation and Research: Mrs E Graham Nakkamarra
Community Consultation and Research: Mrs J Nixon Nakkamarra
Community Consultation and Research: Mrs N Nelson Nakkamarra
Community Consultation and Research: Mrs D Stokes Nampin
Community Consultation and Research: Mrs R Frank Narrurla
Community Consultation and Research: Mr M Jones Jampin
Community Consultation and Research: Mr R Jakkamarra Williams
Community Consultation and Research: Mr W Fitz Jungarrayi
Production: Mrs P Frank Narrurlu
Production: Mr M Jampin Jones
Production: Mr L Dixon Jakkamarra
Production: Mr H Morrison Jakkamarra
Production: Mrs B Morrison Nakkamarra
Production: Mrs H Holden Nappangarti
Production: Mrs J Napper Narrurla
Production: Mrs B Crafter Nangali
Production: Mrs A Morrison Nangali
Production: Mr F James Jappanangka
Production: Mr G Napper Jangala
Production: Mr M Waistcoat Jappanangka
Production: Mr L Jones Jampin
Production: Mrs L Farrell Namikili
Production: Mrs M Frank Narrurla
Production: Mrs B Manfong Narrurla
Production: Mr I Waistcoat Jappanangka
Production: Mr J Frank Juppurla
Production: Mrs A Anderson Narrurla
Production: Mrs D Stokes Nampin
Production: Mrs M Johnson Nakkamarra
Production: Mr L Anderson Jakkamarra
Production: Mrs S Jones Nangali
Production: Mr A Anderson Juppurla
Production: Mr M Johnny Jungarrayi
Production: Mrs M Charlie Nampin
Production: Mr K Morrison Jappaljarri
Production: Mr C Plummer Juppurla
Production: Mrs S Plummer Nappangarti
Production: Mrs P Ricky Nappanangka
Production: Mrs A Graham Naljarri
Production: Mr G Graham Jampin
Production: Mr D Weston Jungarrayi
Research Advice: Kim Akerman
Research Advice: David Alexander
Research Advice: David Albrecht
Research Advice: Kimberly Christen
Research Advice: Nic Gambolt
Research Advice: Helen Kane
Research Advice: Phillip Jones
Research Advice: Jane Lloyd
Research Advice: Phyllis Williams
Research Advice: Cathy Flint
Research Advice: Ted Johansen
Research Advice: Ross Morirsh
Research Advice: Mrs F McCarthy Nungarrayi
Nyinkka Nyunyu Staff: Georgina Bracken
Nyinkka Nyunyu Staff: Mrs P Frank Narrurla
Nyinkka Nyunyu Staff: Mr M Jones Jampin
Nyinkka Nyunyu Staff: Mr D Clarke Jungarrayi
Punttu Portraits screen printed at Julalikari Arts by: Alison Alder
Punttu Portraits screen printed at Julalikari Arts by: Mrs J Jones Nangala
Photographer: Tangentyere Design & X Squared Design
Other Team Members : Tangentyere Design - Sarah Allan (architect), Jacinta Hill (architectural graduate), Michael Gay (architectural technician), Ange Riley (Architectural Graduate)

Photographs by Tangentyere Design & X Squared Design, text by Tangentyere Design and X Squared Design

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