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Fujitsu Building at Portal Business Community
by Cox Rayner Architects



This project is the first ingredient and catalyst of the Master Plan by Cox Rayner for urban renewal of the northern sector of Brisbane City Council's Newstead Teneriffe Urban Renewal Program. It is also the first of three buildings in the Portal Business Community which were designed to form one flank of the eastern gateway into Brisbane, the three buildings creating a serrated edge comprising buildings and intervening spaces which preserve views of the historic gasometer which is synonymous with Newstead. Speculative office buildings typically appear anonymous and soulless. Portal is an endeavour to demonstrate how speculative office buildings can be articulated within their resticted

budgets to impart character reflective of place. In this project, character is driven by the site’s industrial setting, and by the ability of juxtaposed economical materials and solar treatments to create intriguing textures when used in unconventional ways. Major exemplars of this approach are stainless steel cladding (now economical to use), and a 15 metre high tile wall generated by computer scrambling to enliven the street interface. A further significance of the project was its requirement to act as a standard for extensive commercial development to occur in its vicinity such as the adjacent Light Street developments and upcoming Breakfast Creek Road showroom developments.

Newstead, QLD
Cox Rayner Architects
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Richard Coulson, Cox Rayner Architects
Design architect: Peter Booth, Cox Rayner Architects
Developer: Matthew Miller, Ariadne Australia LTD
Structural consultant: Joe Parisi, Robert Bird & Partners
Civil consultant: Stephen Matthews, Robert Bird & Partners
Electrical consultant: Robert Hugall, Connell Mott MacDonald
Mechanical consultant: Mark Stephens, Connell Mott MacDonald
Hydraulic consultant: Mark Stephens, Connell Mott MacDonald
Landscape consultant: Andrew Green, Gamble McKinnon
Interior designer: Melissa Borton, Cox Rayner Architects
Acoustic consultant: John Alekna, Hyder Consulting
Quantity consultant: Stewart Dowie, Rider Hunt
Programming consultant: Richard Rowles, Richard Rowles & Associates
Builder: Jim Boyes, Watpac Australia Pty Ltd
Photographer: Stefan Jannides, Stefan Jannides Photography
Other Team Members : Michael Rayner, Jeff Bennett, Perry Gustafsen, Shane Horswill, Steve Hunter, Shaun Miller

Photographs by Stefan Jannides of Stefan Jannides Photography, text by Cox Rayner Architects

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