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Cashmore Apartments
by K H Edelstein Architect



The project consisted of the reconstruction and refurbishment of the above ground levels, and the addition of two new levels, to the existing buildings situated on the highly significant north-east corner of Collins and Elizabeth Streets. All areas of the project encountered were, both internally and externally, completely dilapidated and sealed off. The ground floor and basement were in retail use. The original building was constructed in 1903 on the site of the first brick building constructed in Melbourne. The adjoining addition, east in Collins Street, was erected in 1912. Architect for original building was Nahum Barnet. Floors one to five consist of one or two apartments, or

home/office, each floor. Floor six, six mezzanine, and roof deck consist of two apartments, each over three levels. The exterior of the building required significant reconstruction including major moulding and cornice work, rebuilt curved corner oriel and tower, brick and render reinstatement and windows. The renewed two upper levels were devised to echoe the former roofline and cladding material and allow the major reinstalled cornice to dominate the upper level and unite the Collins and Elizabeth Street streetscape. Establishing buildability issues and the commercial reality of the project were major influences in the decision to confidently proceed.

Melbourne, VIC
K H Edelstein Architect
03 9818 5688
Project Team
Project architect: Kenneth Edelstein, KH Edelstein Architect
Design architect: Kenneth Edelstein, KH Edelstein Architect
Developer: Trevor S Cohen, Milicent Pty Ltd
Structural consultant: Mathew Anderson, M R Anderson Engineers Pty Ltd
Electrical consultant: AF Consultants, Derek Freeman
Mechanical consultant: AF Consultants Derek Freeman
Interior designer: Diana Nutting
Builder: Specialised Construction and Management Pty Ltd
Original architect: Nahum Barnett
Heritage Advisor: Nigel Lewis
Photographer: Trevor Mein, Meinphoto Pty Ltd
Other Team Members : Lakshmi Cooray, Roger Groppi

Photographs by Trevor Mein of Meinphoto Pty Ltd, text by K H Edelstein Architect

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