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   -   The Wilkinson Award

Mondrian Apartments
by Stanisic Associates Architects



The architectural concept for the projecti s a perforated wall, operable and transparent to allow the movement of cool air, reflection of heat in summer, access of warming sun in winter and entry of light to animate the interiors. The project consists of four slim-line buildings seperated by finger courtyards. The building cross-section with lliving areas and balconies to the noth and glass enclosed access to galleries and related empty stairs to the south achieves a sustainable environment where low levels of energy consumption is balanced with high personal comfort. The heights of the building vary from four to seven storeys and are distributed to define public spaces and minimise the overshadowing of open space. The building

courtyards are multi- functional spaces that provide ground level access tp apartments, seperation between habitable rooms, seating and planting . They are secured with gates and bounded with private entries and lliving courts attached to apartments. The Project extends the public domain with the publicity accessible pocket and through-site pedestrian way that connects Powell St. to Short St. The site coverage is 38% leaving 62% of the ground plane as open spaces, either private or publicly accessible. The area of publicity accessible open space is 1 700 Square Meters, approximately half of the open space of the site. The area of unexcavated or natural ground is 406 square meters and is confined to the Powell St. Park.

Waterloo, NSW
Stanisic Associates Architects
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Ben + Adam Giles + Russell
Design architect: Frank Stanisic
Project manager: Rowan Dickson, St Hilliers
Developer: Rowan Dickson, St HIlliers
Structural consultant: Mark Davies, Van Der Meer Bonser
Civil consultant: Mark Davies, Van Der Meer Bonser
Electrical consultant: Stuart Adams, Adamus consulting Practice
Mechanical consultant: Geoff Walker, Adamus Consulting Practice
Hydraulic consultant: Kevin MOnk, Steve Paul & Partners
Landscape consultant: Adrain McGregor, McGregor and Partners
Interior designer: Ruth Levine, Ruth Levine Design
Lighting consultant: Gavin White, Simpson Kotzman
Acoustic consultant: Matthew Glanville, Vipac Engineers & Scientists Ltd
Environmental consultant: Matthew Glanville, Vipac Engineers & Scientists Ltd
Builder: Wayne Bass, St HIlliers Constructions P/L
BCA Consultant: Vic Lilli, DLM Consulting Group
Other Team Members : Alek Jelicic, Jessie Mc Nicoll

Photographs by Stanisic Associates Architects, text by Stanisic Associates Architects

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