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Riverton Leisureplex
by James Christou & Partners Arch



The new Riverton Leisureplex is built adjacent to an existing library of recent construction. The City of Canning had directed considerable investment in the librry and did not wish to diminish its importance. The Leisureplex had to connect with the library and reinforce the importance of its presence in the community whilst being itself by design impressive and exciting. The connection with the library was critical and required careful consideration. Acoustic sondierations were particularly relevant. The design has sought to create a light filled linkage to the existing library. The materials, finishes and detailing provide a compatible design resolution to the existing buildings image whilst providing a new and dynamic image for the

whole complex. The brief for the Leisureplex comprised of the existing library, cafe, pool halls, administration, health and fitness centre, creche and kids gym, function rooms, amenities and external entertainment courtyards. The Riverton Leisureplex was created with the objective of providing a multifunction leisure centre to ater for the needs of a diverse range of community user groups and to establish environments conducive to education, fun and social interaction. The design has provided a safe and enjoyable environment for people to interact and socialize. The design of the Leisureplex has ensured that level of service and usability is available to the total community regardless of age or disability.

James Christou & Partners Arch
Contact address:
James Christou & Partners Arch
Project Team
Project architect: Mr Chris Hardy, James Christou & Partners
Design architect: Mr James Christou, James Christou & Partners
Project manager: Mr Keith Thomson, Thomson Marquis
Structural consultant: Mr Peter Blake, Halpern Glick Maunsell
Civil consultant: Mr Peter Blake, Halpern Glick Maunsell
Electrical consultant: Mr Rod West, BCA
Mechanical consultant: Mr Nick Steens, Steens Gray Kelly
Hydraulic consultant: Mr Quentin Oma, Hydraulics Design Aust.
Landscape consultant: City of Canning
Interior designer: Mr James Christou, James Christou & Partners
Lighting consultant: Mr Rod West, BCA
Acoustic consultant: Mr Paul Drew, Herring Storer
Environmental consultant: Mr Paul Drew, Herring Storer
Quantity consultant: Messrs Peter/Stuart Blunt/Gordon, Rawlinsons
Builder: Mr Mario Sacco, Keywest Constructions
Pool Consultant: Mr Geoff Ninnes, Ninnes Fong
Photographer: Ms Lyn Whitfield-King
Other Team Members : Chris Hardy, Zak Mrsa, Antiopi Orkopoulos, David Jenkins

Photographs by Ms Lyn Whitfield-King, text by James Christou & Partners Arch

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