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National Wine Centre
by Cox Grieve Gillett



The National Wine Centre is designed to provide a focus and symbol for the Australian wine industry, embodying its tradition and quality in a venue that combines appreciation of food and wine in a beautiful landscape. The Wine Centre is a celebration of simple materials timber, earth and glass reflecting the good things in life, wine and food. They have been used to create a landmark building of civic scale and soaring volumes. Movement through and around the buildings is a key feature of the Centre, with a sweeping entry ramp leading over First Creek, along the flank of the industry offices and into the main building, which evokes the spaces found within wineries. The vaulted concourse overlooks and conveys light into the

subterranean cellar. In turn, the vat-like shapes of the exhibition halls, enclosed to invite enquiry, project over the concourse. With progression through the building the materials become more refined, paralleling the process of making wine. The relatively course materials found at the beginning evolve into finer proportions and smoother textures. The scale of the spaces similarly progresses from the public to the personal, from the scale of production to the intimate level of wine appreciation. This journey culminates in the tasting room. Elevated to give privacy and a sense of detachment, with broad vistas of the Botanic Gardens and the vineyard, the tasting room is an ideal environment in which to savour wine.

Adelaide, SA
Cox Grieve Gillett
Contact address:
Cox Grieve Gillett
Project Team
Project architect: Mr Steve Grieve, Cox Grieve Gillett
Design architect: Mr Phillip Cox, Cox Grieve Gillett
Project manager: Mr Campbell Mackie, Savant
Structural consultant: Mr Geoff Wallbridge, Wallbridge And Gilbert
Civil consultant: Mr Geoff Wallbridge, Wallbridge And Gilbert
Electrical consultant: Mr Peter Buckley, Bestec
Mechanical consultant: Mr Nick Rosshirt, Bestec
Hydraulic consultant: Mr Mark Battams, Ashley Hallandal
Landscape consultant: Mr John Holland, EDAW
Interior designer: Nicolette Di Lernia, Ivan Cavuoto, Cox Grieve Gillett
Acoustic consultant: Mr Chris Turnbull, Bassett Consulting Engineers
Builder: Mr Tony Swan, Hansen Yunken Pty Ltd
Exhibition Project Manager: Root Projects
Exhibition Designer: Bannyon Wood
Other Team Members : Mr Paul Gillett, Mr Richard Desgrande

Photographs by Cox Grieve Gillett, text by Cox Grieve Gillett

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